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With the rapid progress of artificial intelligence technology, all kinds of intelligent robots that can speak and listen have gradually entered our life: bank hall service robots, shopping mall guidance robots, children's intelligent education robots, etc., which not only provide services to people, but also bring more fun to life

since the launch of the first large-scale physical service robot in China in 2015, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun robot has widely served many fields, such as bank lobby, tax hall, government window, hospital, library, airport and so on, providing government and enterprise customers with complete service robot solutions, including physical robot, customer service cloud service, customer service big data analysis and so on

omnidirectional AI technology enables Lingyun robot to speak and listen, think and judge, distinguish sounds and recognize people

AI technology is the key to whether the robot is competent for work. Jietong Huasheng applies Lingyun omni-directional AI technology, and the smoke generation through voice combination is also very low; Speech recognition technology enables robots to speak and listen. Through semantic understanding, machine translation, data mining and other technologies, robots can think and judge. Through face recognition, voiceprint recognition and fingerprint recognition, robots can recognize sounds and people

in terms of voice interaction, another key technology is microphone array. Jietong Huasheng applies Lingyun microphone array technology to process the sound signal received by the robot, so as to realize the functions of noise suppression, reverberation removal, sound source orientation, sound source tracking and so on, effectively reduce the impact of environmental noise on speech recognition, so that people and robot can have free and smooth speech communication within 5 meters

in practical application, Lingyun robot can directly call the cloud AI capability of Lingyun customer service cloud to carry out lightweight protection of fr.10 materials such as speech recognition, semantic understanding and speech synthesis, which can improve the efficiency of transportation and installation. In terms of knowledge base, Lingyun customer service cloud provides a professional knowledge base platform for robots. Customers can freely add and modify business knowledge, making the operation and maintenance management of robots simpler and more convenient

strong business capabilities and more interesting services

by integrating a number of AI technologies, Lingyun robot has rich business handling functions. For example, in the bank lobby scene, a bank user enters the bank. Through face recognition and voiceprint recognition technology, the system can know his identity according to the recognition of the user's face and voice, and then infer the user's needs and provide different services through the analysis of the user's records and user portraits in the system

for example, according to system analysis, if a user is risk averse, low-risk products will be selected when recommending financial products; If the analysis shows that the user is radical, recommend high-risk and high-yield financial products. In this way, the user experience and user stickiness can be greatly improved. Such a system fully reflects the advantages of artificial intelligence over people. In the above scenario, it is impossible for the bank lobby manager to fully understand every user entering the bank

while having strong business service capabilities, Lingyun robot can also chat, sing and even dance with bank depositors when they line up for the same sign, so as to fill the previously silent bank hall with laughter and increase the interest of window services

smart cloud robot + intelligent customer service helps the government build a smart government service system

in addition to serving the scenes in vertical fields such as banking and taxation, the combination of smart cloud robot and intelligent customer service can help the government build a smart government service system: providing omni-directional, anytime and anywhere smart government services to the public through network channels such as stations,, apps, channels, service windows, physical robots and other channels

citizens can not only quickly consult or go through relevant procedures through the intelligent customer service of urban management, social security, industry and Commerce and other units; You can also call the unified urban service intelligent robot to answer questions, or flexibly transfer China's material science and technology industry to the corresponding units if it starts late; It is more convenient for the robot to go through the formalities of government affairs or consultation, so that the robot can go through the formalities of government affairs

government agencies can make full use of the big data of government services accumulated by robots and intelligent customer service, and timely discover and optimize government services through data change and correlation analysis. For example, in a civil service top note, we can predict the change of population in the civil service by analyzing the change of information consultation rate, such as settlement, housing accumulation fund and housing policy, so that the government can adjust the corresponding policy in advance. Through intelligent government services and big data analysis, the city will become more agile and intelligent

with its advantages of rich functions, massive business knowledge, continuous accumulation of service data and learning, Lingyun robot will carry out large-scale applications in the field of hall services. Jietong Huasheng will join hands with industrial partners in various fields to jointly promote the popularization and application of Lingyun robot in various industries, so that intelligent robot can provide convenient services to more people

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