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Under the background of the global economic downturn, how to develop and maintain stock customers has become an urgent task for all walks of life. The high degree of homogeneity of products allows users to have more consideration when choosing products. Fighting a price war is by no means the survival way for the long-term development of enterprises. At this time, customer service plays a vital role in the development of enterprises. However, many problems, such as high mobility of customer service personnel, high training cost and difficult to control the effect of customer service, make some enterprises helpless to improve the service level of customer service center

Jietong Huasheng applies self-developed technologies such as intelligent voice, intelligent semantics and big data analysis:

not only can it help the customer service center realize 100% comprehensive quality inspection of seat recording and multi-dimensional analysis of customer service big data afterwards

it can better provide real-time speech assistance for the agent during the event, and help the business leaders and quality inspectors realize the real-time monitoring of the agent's conversation content

next, let's take a look at how Lingyun real-time voice analysis system helps call centers grasp the present

step1 fast identification of customer identity

Lingyun voiceprint recognition technology will automatically record the customer's voiceprint information. When the customer calls again for consultation, the system can provide the customer's basic information and historical inquiry questions to the customer service personnel at the first time to help the customer service quickly lock the opposite intention, so as to solve the problem efficiently

Step2 multi-channel customer service information real-time access

using Lingyun voice recognition technology, the system can automatically transcribe the real-time voice customer service information into text content. Whether online text customer service, two main light bars trapezoidal arrangement customer service or service personnel in the business hall can be monitored in a timely and effective manner

Step3 continuous monitoring of customer service communication content

Lingyun text analysis technology continuously monitors all text contents, so as to realize real-time quality inspection of seats. No matter whether it is improper speech, or whether the system is designed to ensure the accuracy of experimental data from two aspects, it cannot escape TA's eyes if the industry knowledge is not qualified. The system will feed back the quality inspection results in real time, remind the customer service and management personnel of illegal service behaviors, correct the problems in time, and improve the timeliness of quality inspection

Step4 understand users and give suggestions

when customers' problems involve professional knowledge and complex business processes, Lingyun semantic understanding technology can realize the understanding of customers' intentions and provide professional speech assistance and process guidance for the seats. The new customer service staff can answer questions involving professional knowledge according to the answers automatically matched by the system, and complete business handling, product promotion and other activities according to the recommended business process displayed in the navigation process window. This greatly shortens the training cycle of customer service and reduces the harsh requirements of some enterprises for customer service expertise

step5 automatically generates the work order

during the dialogue, the system automatically extracts the key information and generates a summary of the call content after the consultation, so as to help the seat staff improve their work efficiency

step6 operation data statistics

managers can view the current number of calls, reminders, alarms and other real-time interactive data in real time. You can also view the data from the dimensions of seat and time to have overall control over the current business situation of the customer service center

with the help of Lingyun real-time voice analysis system, enterprises and institutions such as banks, insurance, operators, governments and e-commerce still have high requirements for the service of environmental media agents, and the training pressure is significantly reduced. Agents can also be fearless of a wide range of business types and control complex business processes

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