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Jiangxi has rectified the dangerous chemical enterprises listed and supervised

Jiangxi Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau revealed on November 15 that five of the 10 dangerous chemical production enterprises listed and supervised in Jiangxi have basically completed the rectification, and the other five enterprises are also implementing safety rectification as planned

in the second round of work safety licensing, Jiangxi Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau put forward specific solutions to a group of old state-owned chemical enterprises whose safety distance did not meet the requirements due to historical reasons, in accordance with the idea of "soliciting the opinions of the territorial Government, implementing the rectification plan, strengthening daily supervision, relocation within a time limit and conditional licensing", The Provincial Work Safety Commission Office will implement the government listing supervision according to the principle of "territorial jurisdiction"

at present, Jiujiang xinkangda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Changjiu Biochemical Co., Ltd. jiangammonia branch, Jiangxi Jiangwei High Tech Co., Ltd., Haili Guixi chemical pesticide Co., Ltd. and Baima oil depot of Sinopec Yingtan branch have basically completed safety rectification; Nanchang Hongdi chlor alkali company, Ganzhou Chlor Alkali Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Pingxiang Zhangfeng chemical company, Bohong industry 7 1 software operation manual; The company's four enterprises are moving as planned. Affected by the restructuring, Dongxiang Gaoxin chemical company, which was listed and supervised due to insufficient external safety distance, is required to move before April 30, 2011. At present, the relocation work is being actively implemented

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