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Yulin Bureau of quality supervision in Guangxi checked plastic packaging containers to ensure food quality and safety

recently, Yulin Bureau of quality supervision in Guangxi launched a special investigation and punishment action on the production and sales of products such as plastic packaging containers and tools for food without a production license within its jurisdiction. During the inspection, when the law enforcement personnel carried out law enforcement inspection on a bottle cap factory, there were only a small amount of plastic bottle cap products for beverages on site. The boss said that there was no mass production due to the newly established factory and other reasons, but the careful law enforcement personnel mainly showed that the shape of PTMC had changed from the handling of the sales personnel, and the sales documents of the factory were found on the desk, When it appears that the equipment is in normal operation, please do not install the USB flash disk or unknown software on the equipment computer at will. It shows that the factory has just sold more than 700000 plastic anti-theft bottle caps for beverages, and the goods involved are worth more than 30000 yuan. In the face of the facts, the owner of the factory had to admit his mistake and said that he would not produce plastic anti-theft bottle caps for beverages before obtaining the certificate. Nearly 90% of the friction pairs in the friction experimental machines were carried out in this way. The administrative law enforcement personnel ordered them to stop production according to law and sealed more than 20000 plastic anti-theft bottle caps for beverages produced on site. The operation inspected 13 relevant enterprises, investigated and dealt with 5 enterprises suspected of producing plastic bottle caps for beverages and food packaging bags (bottles) without obtaining the production license of industrial products, and seized 50000 plastic bottle caps for beverages and 120000 food packaging bags (bottles) produced without a license. The law enforcement personnel filed a case for investigation and punishment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of production licenses for industrial products

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