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The new iPhone may change users' consumption habits. Huffington Post, a well-known blog, said that the new iPhone may forever change the online publicity of our consumption model testing machine. Excerpts from the original text are as follows:

if Apple finds a suitable method, you may soon abandon the wallet full of paper money and credit cards, and then choose to pay with iPhone. The payment process may only require you to click with your finger

Wired magazine in the United States reported last week that Apple will release a new generation of iPhone or equip it with a payment platform next week, which is one of its most distinctive features. The information station reported in July that Apple had discussed the wallet with many banks and visa. Bloomberg also added two other companies that may cooperate with apple over the weekend: MasterCard and American Express

although Apple's iPod and iPhone have been equipped with a passbook app that can store coupons, gift cards and tickets. At the same time, music, movies and other applications can also be purchased in the virtual store by means of fingerprint sensor or password input. But so far, Apple has not provided a way for users to buy real objects in real life

I think this (Apple's wallet) will overturn the previous payment model. Said John Haro, technical director of vibes Vibes, a Chicago based marketing company, cooperates with Apple's passbook app, Google wallet and Google payment products

reports about Apple wallet are accompanied by news that technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, Google and rising star square are cracking payment codes. This may really mean that we will no longer use credit cards and cash to buy things in the future. We can use them to solve the problem

Forrester, a research company, predicts that by 2017, the total amount of consumer payments in the United States will exceed 90billion dollars a year

if Apple can get involved in the payment field, it can get a lot of benefits from this pie, and the most important thing is that it will encourage people to continue to buy iPhones. Some media pointed out earlier this year that apple is actually an iPhone company. Statistics show that more than 50% of Apple's profits in recent quarters have come from iPhone sales

today, most American adults have intelligence, and these intelligence can still work well after two years of use. This means that in order for people to continue to spend money on the latest iPhone models, Apple needs to continue to innovate. Harrow believes that Apple may be able to achieve this goal by creating a compelling payment platform. He said: consumers want an iPhone 6 because it will replace their real wallet

Tim Cook, CEO of apple, once said that apple is very interested in the idea of payment. He once told investors in January this year: this (payment) is another idea after fingerprint identification. However, we will not be limited to this. Businesses can also observe customers' demographic data and business activities through IOS devices. This will be a huge business opportunity for them on the payment platform

wallet has appeared in earlier years. Except for a few successful applications like Starbucks, payment has not become a trend in the United States. Under the condition of ensuring normal operation, it is really convenient to complete the payment in the physical store as long as you move your finger or scan the code, but the problem will be that the physical store will have to put expensive devices in order to complete intelligent transactions. Another big obstacle, even after the emergency relief personnel enter the cabin to remove the injured passengers, is that compared with payment, card swiping and cash payment are still very simple and convenient

the conditions of constant temperature and no vibration required by the relaxation experiment are easy to meet, which is why people still choose to pay with cash and credit card every day, rather than relying on those who always worry about the lack of power to buy goods

but if there is a company that can make the complicated payment experience friendly, it must be apple

den e Carrington, an analyst at Forrester, an American market research company, focuses on payment. He wrote in an email to Huffington Post: apple is famous for making people's existing life experience better. It makes us more elegant, streamlined, convenient and faster in listening to music, playing and printing boarding passes, playing games and doing other activities More interesting, this is why I expect apple to do payment and e-commerce

it is already very convenient to use cash and credit card to pay today. Apple is not only to provide people with another alternative payment method, but also to make this payment method successful

harrow believes that this may be achieved by transmitting and saving receipts on, tracking and classifying goods, or giving customers who are loyal to goods some privileges that they can't get by paying with cash and credit cards. He said: these reasons allow me to pay for the goods

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