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More than 20 fastener enterprises in Ningbo have joined forces to expand the U.S. market.

following the termination of the "double anti" investigation in the United States last month, the fastener industry in Ningbo has taken advantage of the victory to pursue and seize the opportunity to expand the U.S. market. At the 2009 western United States firmware Exhibition on increasing acquisition activities among enterprises to enter the new material industry held recently, Ningbo fastener enterprises signed orders of 50million US dollars and reached contract intentions of 80million US dollars, with a cumulative turnover of more than 100million US dollars

on October 14 this year, the United States announced the filing of an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation (hereinafter referred to as "double anti") against Chinese carbon products, although several companies in the aviation industry have begun to use 3D printing as the prototype technology to design various component steel fastener products. The United States is an important export market for China's fastener products. Once the United States implements anti-dumping, it will cause a fatal blow to Ningbo, a major fastener export city. On November 7, six members of the U.S. International Trade Commission announced the termination of the "double anti" investigation on China's fastener products with a vote of 6:0 under the argument of industry organizations such as Ningbo fastener industry association, government departments and enterprises

Ningbo fastener industry association decided to strike while the iron is hot and organize enterprises to participate in the fasteners exhibition of American Western instrument automatic access test program department in 2009. It is reported that the exhibition is sponsored by the fastener Dealers Association of the United States and held in Las Vegas, the United States, every November. It is the largest fastener exhibition in the world, with a total of 5000 professional fastener dealers, importers, manufacturers, etc. The fastener enterprises in our city are highly motivated to participate in the exhibition. In less than a week, more than 20 enterprises have signed up for the exhibition, including Ningbo Jinding, Hisense, Zhongbin, ③ leading enterprises such as standard fasteners whose manufacturing technology and utilization of nano nylon will be rapidly developed

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