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In recent years, traditional furniture has become the first choice of people. Traditional furniture not only looks high-grade, but also very practical. Take the traditional chair for example. There is a certain emphasis on the production of chairs. It needs to be designed according to people's different sitting positions in order to make people feel comfortable. The following editor will introduce the size standard of chairs and how to choose chairs

chair size standard 1. Length 420 * width 500 * height 900mm

in terms of process design, this chair inherits the minimalism of modern fashion, expresses simplicity and freshness on the online bar, and combines the flexible and diverse needs of modern life with the free combination of chairs

chair size standard II. Length 600 * width 600 * height 1100mm

this chair is not only beautiful in design, but also fashionable. The freshness of the log is matched with simple colors, which perfectly combines fashion elements with exquisite beauty, reflecting an extraordinary artistic feeling. In quiet and noble colors, it emits the fragrance of wood

chair size standard III. length 435 * width 575 * height 938mm

this chair adopts solid color with log color, which is very harmonious and gentle. Sitting there, you can feel the natural flavor of fragrance. The angular tables and chairs show a pursuit of elegance in life

how to choose chairs

first of all, we should pay attention to the material. The material selection of chairs is very important, and there should be no scabs. If it is a metal chair, we should pay attention to the thickness of the metal material, the thicker the stronger. In addition, we should pay attention to the style and meet the needs of family use. If it is placed on the balcony, we can choose rattan iron chairs. If the space area is limited, we can choose folding chairs

chair has strong practicality. Its main function is to rest people, so comfort is very important. Double chair is also a choice for many people. This kind of chair can meet the needs of two or three people, which can be determined according to the number of family members in the room. The common materials are cloth and leather

editor's summary: that's all about the size standard of chairs and how to choose chairs. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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