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The importance of promotion is increasingly prominent in the sunshine room shopping mall with fierce competition. Consumers affect the fate of sunshine house manufacturers. In this new era of slowing economic growth, sunshine house manufacturers have to speed up the expansion of new shopping malls to alleviate the overcapacity crisis. Together, in order to obtain the recognition of consumers, sunshine house manufacturers should attach great importance to the innovation of promotion forms no matter what the development trend in the future

fierce competition in shopping malls. What should sunshine house manufacturers do to promote innovation

traditional promotion is no longer satisfied with the needs of manufacturers to carry out

brand publicity and brand innovation that are not for the purpose of sale are playing hooligans. This sentence is obvious and true together! In the sunshine housing industry under the "new normal", profits are particularly valuable. But the promotion mentioned here certainly does not mean that it pursues its profits regardless of the quality of goods. What it says here is how to improve the creativity of promotion and how to use various promotion methods to maximize profits for manufacturers on the basis of ensuring the quality of goods in the Internet age

now, traditional promotion methods such as advertising and promotional activities have become somewhat weak under the trend of new media, and consumers will not be excited about these habitual methods. If sunshine house manufacturers want to seize a certain market in the new era, they must innovate in promotion methods and seek a new future. There are three steps for the promotion and innovation of sunshine house manufacturers:

at the top of the list, we should pay close attention to the innovation of commodities, start from the perspective of promotion, expand the innovation of single commodity styles, and strive to improve the innovation of commodity categories

the second is the innovation of promotion ability. In 2016, there is a phenomenon in the major shopping malls, that is, "the peak season is not prosperous, and the cold season is not light", so now the promotion of sunshine house manufacturers can no longer be based on the simple brand innovation of advertising. We should change the promotion perspective, start from the Trinity of "brand, commodity, promotion" and do a good job in commodity promotion. From commodities, brands to promotion, now the service innovation of sunshine housing mall is also crucial

third, micro innovation is a freshener developed by sunshine house manufacturers. It may not directly have a great impact on the promotion, but a series of "micro behaviors" will have great long-term benefits for the publicity and promotion of pinpi. For example, for the success of the national football team, Guanhao doors and windows got a lot of attention by contacting the wechat brand. For a time, the wechat circle opened the screen brushing form, which made people sigh the charm of micro innovation. Originally, this kind of micro innovation cost is very low. As long as we connect social popularity with brand innovation through brainstorming, it will have a great impact





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