Ruibao wallpaper gives a big gift to the National

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People's living standards are constantly improving, and they also pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of home. Practical environmental protection products have become the life goal of the public to create a safe home life. Environmental protection home is created by you

after giving gifts for the Mid Autumn Festival, give gifts on the eleventh day. Gifts are given every year, especially this year. The annual "National Day" promotion season has quietly arrived. Major brands have launched preferential content one after another, and the majority of consumers are also rubbing their shoulders and palms, preparing for the National Day discount rush buying war. In 2014, Ruibao wallpaper launched a series of new products of Ruibao purification wallpaper, which caused a sensation inside and outside the industry. In order to celebrate the successful listing of Ruibao purification wallpaper, Ruibao wallpaper launched a large number of preferential reward activities on November 2014, including free gifts, free experience coupons, full gifts, ultra-low discounts and other multiple discounts for you to get

during the event from September 26, 2014 to October 13, 2014, Ruibao wallpaper stores across the country warmly welcomed guests. You will get a gift when you enter the store, and the discount is free

5 preferential offers hit the national

the first priority: there is a gift when entering the store

customers enter the store to register their personal decoration information, that is, they get a beautiful gift

second: free experience coupon

log in to Ruibao wallpaper official website and tmall mall to get a purification wallpaper experience coupon worth 100 yuan for free. Consumers can use this electronic coupon to deduct cash from Ruibao stores across the country. There are no other restrictions on the consumption of experience coupons

third: free gift for Tongpu

customers can get a free wallpaper for a room if the amount of wallpaper purchased reaches or exceeds 6000 yuan (the complimentary wallpaper is 5-ROLL purification Wallpaper of the series of heart purification.)

fourth weight: amazing experience price

60% discount for three version series of myshang, feilengcui and Chenxiang; Bourgeois I, bourgeois II and carved time series are 30% off

fifth weight: discount covers the whole audience

the unified retail price of other products in the audience is 20% off

the five fold discount is waiting for you to pick it up. I'll give you a big gift on national day. Are you ready? Lairuibao wallpaper will give your home a "state of mind" and create an environment-friendly and green home life





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