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Nowadays, the price of our country is rising constantly, and the cost of manpower, material resources and materials is also rising. According to the current form, the rise of decoration cost will become an inevitable trend. Then, how should we plan our own decoration cost? Now let's introduce in detail: how to calculate the list of decoration costs and how to budget the decoration costs

nowadays, with the continuous rise of prices in China, the cost of manpower, material resources and materials also rises. Therefore, the rise of decoration costs will become an inevitable trend. So, how should we plan our decoration expenses? Next, I will introduce the calculation list of decoration cost to you by this machine, hoping to be helpful to you

decoration cost calculation list

I. wall base treatment: it is estimated that 3 yuan per square meter

II. Wall coating painting

1 The wall lining is added with high-grade paint, which is 33 yuan per square meter

2.821 putty plus ordinary paint, 20 yuan per square meter

III. floor tiles: about 95 yuan per square meter

IV. laminate flooring: about 85 yuan per square meter

V: kitchen, bathroom, balcony wall and floor tiles: about 75 yuan per square meter

VI. toilet equipment: about 3000 yuan per set

1. The bathroom is guaranteed to be 85 yuan per meter

2. The overall glass bath room is estimated to be 3500 yuan

3. The cost of oak pure solid wood bath cabinet and faucet is about 1400 yuan

4. The cost of PVC board plus hand basin and faucet is about 1000 yuan

5. Yakli bathtub is estimated at 1000 yuan

VII: kitchen cabinets are about 1100 yuan per linear meter

VIII. Ceiling

1 Aluminum gusset plate is 1.0 thick, 85 yuan/㎡, edge strip is 10 yuan/㎡, and the reported loss is about 10%

2. Plastic steel plate is 50 yuan/㎡ and edge strip is 10 yuan/㎡, and the reported loss is about 7%

3. Wooden keel gypsum board flat top 80 yuan/㎡

4. Light steel keel gypsum board flat top 100 yuan/㎡

5. Wood keel gypsum board straight-line modeling ceiling 100 yuan/㎡

6. Wood keel gypsum board curved ceiling 130 yuan/㎡

7. Wooden keel gypsum board lamp pool modeling ceiling 150 yuan/㎡

IX. balcony hanger Mrs. Qiao: the total price of each set is 240 yuan

X. indoor door

1 Composite solid wood, about 1300 yuan per set

2. Paint free door, about 700 yuan per set

3. Solid wood doors, each set is about 1600 yuan

4. Steel and wood doors, each set is about 850 yuan

5. Magnesium aluminum alloy push-pull, 210 yuan per square meter

6. Flat panel door, about 420 yuan per leaf

7. The newly made flat door costs about 450 yuan each

8. The new solid wood door costs about 750 yuan per leaf

Xi. Blind mouth, door and window

1 The quotation for newly made door jambs, windows, and dumb mouths is about 110 yuan per meter

2. For the blind mouth used in the suit door, the window quotation is about 45 yuan/㎡, and the double-sided package is 80 yuan/㎡

XII. Toilet waterproof is 65 yuan per square meter

XIII. Power transformation

1 (cutting trunking in concrete wall) unit price: 20 yuan/meter

2. (brick wall cutting trunking) unit price: 15 yuan/meter

3. (cutting trunking for light wall) unit price: 10 yuan/meter

4. Air traffic control wiring is 20 yuan/meter

XIV. Waterway reconstruction PP_ R tube, 55 yuan/meter

XV. The unit price of circuit installation is 5 yuan/piece

XVI. The lamp is about 3000 yuan

article summary: the list of decoration cost calculation and the relevant knowledge of how to do the decoration cost budget are introduced here. If you need more information, please continue to pay attention





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