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[Erica whole house customization] this customized space is refreshing and generous as a whole, and the warmth of the family is hidden in the wood all over the house. Through inadvertent green plants, it brings unique warm feelings

the locker in the hallway has a unique shape and a great sense of breathing. It is also chic and generous when it is a good decorative space.

the living room is mainly composed of dark gray and log elements. The wood fence is designed to divide the space well and has a great sense of permeability at the same time, making the whole space extremely vibrant with nature. The collocation of soft decoration also adds a lot of fun.

the restaurant and kitchen are separated by black framed glass doors, which are transparent and bright, The combination of bench and armchair is full of retro flavor. With the green plants in the corner, it gives people a particularly comfortable feeling. The two chandeliers with rose gold lampshades add a unique romantic atmosphere to the restaurant, making eating a particularly ceremonial thing

the open bookshelf in the study combined with the excellent lighting of the French window, creates a freehand and leisurely learning atmosphere

the bedroom also uses the hard decoration style of the living room, Adding log elements makes the whole space much softer. Coupled with the symmetrical design, the bedroom looks balanced and clean, breaking the heavy and depressing feeling brought by the structure.

the owner also made room to create his own studio. A small cart and drawing board will show the artist's unruly personality incisively and vividly.

the bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas, and the log shower board is very natural and dry, Make bathing a good way to decompress




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