How many kinds of metong wall cloth do you know

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Seamless wall cloth can be said to be a good choice for home decoration. It has rich styles, colorful colors, soft texture, sound absorption and ventilation, is not easy to burst, simple mounting, easy replacement and can be cleaned with water. Beautiful, environmental friendly, convenient and practical, which is the advantage of seamless wall cloth

there are many kinds of seamless wall cloth, so how many kinds can it be divided into? Meiteng wall cloth will identify the types of seamless wall cloth with you, so that you can easily choose the right wall cloth to decorate your home

chemical fiber wall cloth. With chemical fiber cloth as the base cloth, the pattern pattern is printed after resin finishing, which is novel and beautiful, with harmonious colors, non-toxic and tasteless, good breathability, not easy to fade, but it is not suitable to scrub more; Due to the loose structure of the base cloth, it will be revealed when there are stains on the wall, so it should be arranged in the bedroom and other places with less dust

fabric wall cloth, also known as art wall cloth. It is made of cotton, hemp and other plant fibers or mixed with chemical fibers. It has good tensile force, elegant and quiet color, strong sense of nature and good permeability. However, the surface is easy to bristle and cannot be scrubbed. It should be arranged in a quiet and peaceful place such as the reception room or study

silk wall cloth. It is made of silk fabric glued with paper. It is soft in texture and looks like paper. It is bright and generous in color, gorgeous and chic, with a sense of luxury and elegance. It should be arranged in the living room and other decorative places

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