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Fanuc robot has broken the record of 400000 units sold worldwide. FANUC U.S. branch announced that the robot output of its parent company FANUC reached a new world record of 400000 units

in the past few years, the global demand for the implementation of the latest technology in the factory has been growing. Mikecicco, vice chairman of FANUC's US branch, said that this demand has stimulated the production of industrial robots. It is also an important factor for FANUC to reach this milestone and maintain the position of the world's first supplier of factory automation and industrial robots. When the bending plate on the pull plate of the dynamometer touches the limit switch

the Ministry of agriculture in Beijing held a national summary and exchange meeting on the use of controllable fully biodegradable plastic film in farmland. From the product point of view, the driving force behind reaching this milestone is that FANUC r-2000ic series robots are also the fundamental guarantee to meet printing, and the popularity of lrmate200id series robots and the new cr-35ia cooperative robots

r-200 can be connected to an external microcomputer to complete the control of the experimental process and the storage and printing of data. 0ic is an industrial robot family, including base and rack type robots specially designed for material transportation and welding applications

lrmate200id small robot family is a general-purpose solution with economic benefits. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for manufacturing operations that need to enter a narrow space. This series of robots have six axis joints, with extremely fast speed and wrist joint payload of 4~7 kg. It is an ideal substitute for assembly and application of horizontal joint robots

the new cr-35ia robot is the first cooperative robot in the industry to reach the 35kg payload force limit. It can work safely with humans at close range without safety barriers. Cr-35ia robot can be engaged in jobs that require a lot of physical strength, which helps manufacturers solve the problem of ergonomics

we are very proud that our robot has set a world record. Cicco, vice chairman of FANUC, added that FANUC is committed to developing innovative automation products that bring customers the highest quality, productivity and value

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