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Fat gifts are eye-catching and have many disadvantages

tea and wooden boxes wrapped in leather goods, while matrix new materials have signed a contract of several million yuan with large-scale domestic molten salt R & D, manufacturer and distributor Shenzhen anenson Technology Co., Ltd., including leather belts, crystal glass bottled red wine... A wide range of gift boxes with "heavy makeup" and ink have appeared. The phenomenon of sky high price gifts is still popular in major shopping malls in our city

"fat" gifts are accessible to the eye

different from the moon cake gift box packaging of "half covering the face with the pipa", the luxury packaging of the reason for the vibration of the universal testing machine for wine gift box during the operation is blatant. According to the salesperson of a supermarket in South Street, the sales volume of a brand liquor with a price of 2800 yuan is rising all the way, because the glass bottle of this Baijiu is designed with the shape of Jackie Chan, which is in line with the traditional festival gift giving custom of consumers

during the visit, it was found that over packaging of gifts was everywhere. Tea is packed in suitcases and leather belts are decorated with wooden boxes. Even children's reference books have several layers inside and outside, and the price is often hundreds of yuan. The price of the paperback products with the same brand and the same origin is 30% - 50% lower than that of the hardcover products. Is the commodity in the gift box a treasure of the same kind, or does the luxurious coat make its value soar? Consumers do not know

a staff member of the municipal Consumer Association told: "at present, luxury packaging in the market is mainly reflected in various kinds of gifts, health care products, daily cosmetics and other major categories of goods. Generally, the packaging volume is too large and the decoration is luxurious and redundant. Some manufacturers will take the opportunity to tie in other goods while selling products, resulting in a serious phenomenon of 'obesity' in the gift market."

there are many disadvantages of "fat" gifts

the outer packaging of "fat" gifts not only raises the cost of goods, increases the shopping burden of consumers, but also causes a great waste of resources and generates a large amount of domestic garbage. The statistical results of the municipal environmental sanitation department show that in recent years, the municipal domestic waste in our city has increased at a rate of 5% every year. Most of the increased parts are packaging materials, most of which are gift packaging and disposable packaging

Che Jianbo, chief of the pollution control section of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said in an interview that excessive packaging wastes resources and also generates a large amount of waste. The environmental pollution caused by these wastes (10) put down the pen on the putter, and some enterprises stand out. They have become the fourth largest pollution source after water pollution, marine pollution and air pollution. Some packaging materials not only pollute the environment, but also directly pollute food, posing a potential threat to the health of consumers

gift "slimming" is imperative

the state has begun to issue special mandatory standards to regulate the excessive packaging of some commodities. The mandatory national standard for moon cakes issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standards Commission on September 5 clearly stipulates that the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price; The empty space of a single package shall not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package. It is believed that with the improvement of China's legal system, special standards for other products will be issued one after another

in today's energy-saving society, packaging enterprises should adjust the industrial direction, increase technological innovation, and produce "green packaging" with low price, good quality, resource saving and market competitiveness to meet the needs of market competition

in the interview, relevant experts pointed out that in order to fundamentally curb the prevalence of excessive packaging, the relevant management departments should, while strengthening supervision and inspection, vigorously advocate green consumption and healthy consumption, create a social atmosphere of moderate consumption, enhance the awareness of resource conservation of all citizens through publicity and education, and guide consumers to consciously resist excessive packaging and abnormal consumption; At the same time, efforts should be made to establish and improve the recycling system of waste packaging materials, so as to ensure the recycling of waste packaging materials, and do not let these luxurious outer packaging become a "hot potato" left useless and discarded in the hands of citizens. Gao chunkuan

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