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Fate met on the construction site

I am a salesman from Guangdong Yandi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. my main work area is Chaoshan, the east gate of Guangdong

the picture originates from the Internet, and Shantou, Chaozhou and Jieyang are collectively referred to as Chaoshan. Local food such as beef hotpot, beef balls, fish rice, marinated goose, rice sticks, oyster burger, pig intestines and glutinous rice can not be eaten in seven days and nights

but today, if SEI film is easy to form and the first charge and discharge efficiency is low, we don't mention food. Let's talk about the story of the construction site

Chaoshan is surrounded by mountains on three sides, facing the sea behind the mountains, and the Hanjiang River, Rongjiang River and other rivers wash out of the Chaoshan Plain. With the development and progress of society, the mountainous areas and forest farms in the north of Chaoshan are gradually developed, construction teams are stationed one after another, and construction equipment are in place one after another

after eight years in Chaoshan, I found that my opportunity had come


on that day, as usual, I drove up the mountain to find target customers. Usually, when I saw excavators on the construction site, I would go to chat with workers, machine operators and machine owners and make visits

when I walked from west to east along the provincial highway and passed the suburbs of Chaozhou, my eyes lit up and I stopped the car decisively

yes, I saw a North American joint venture excavator under construction

For example, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer screen display universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, etc.

three steps and two steps. Wearing a safety helmet, I ran to the construction site with my business card and data, hoping to see the owner. Go straight to the excavator and ask if the person in charge of the machine is in

it can be seen that the excavator is a little old, and even there is no air conditioner. The operator pointed to the tent to one side, and the person in charge enjoyed the cool under the tent

after finishing my clothes, I confidently walked towards the tent. The person in charge, Mr. Lin, was just making tea. When he saw me coming, he warmly invited me to have tea. Then I began to introduce myself

when talking about that I sell John Deere excavators, President Lin said that he had never heard of the brand of John Deere. At the same time, he really wanted to replace an excavator. The current equipment was bought the year before last. The second-hand equipment is second-hand after all. There are many problems. If there is a suitable equipment, does everyone know about it? They are considering replacing the excavator, but unfamiliar brands dare not try

I knew that Deere had entered Guangdong for a short time, so I invited him to attend the Deere excavator exchange meeting a few days later


a few days later, I organized a small exchange meeting in the local area, and President Lin also arrived as scheduled. At the same time, Mr. Chen, an old customer who is using Deere excavator, was invited

at the dinner table, Mr. Chen had a very speculative conversation with Mr. Lin. Mr. Chen immediately said that if Mr. Lin wanted to try Deere's equipment, Mr. Chen could add the sample steps: invite him to his construction site to test the machine on the construction site. If it is not easy to use, wait until you use it

President Lin really came to President Chen's construction site. At the same time, he also brought the mechanic. Once he got on the machine, he began to work. After operating for a full hour, he obviously felt the excavation speed and the fuel consumption was quite low

President Lin was amazed at Deere's efficiency and immediately paid the deposit

two days later, a brand-new Deere E360 appeared on the construction site of President Lin

good things to share! Introduced by President Lin, his friend also bought a Deere E360. In the words of President Lin, sometimes business depends on fate

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