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The disposable income of farmers in Jiangsu increased by 8.6% in the first half of the year.

the Department of agriculture and rural development of Jiangsu Province released on July 22 that the per capita disposable income of rural residents in the province in the first half of the year was 12156, with a growth rate of 8.6%, a year-on-year increase of nearly 1000, higher than the growth rate of GDP and urban residents

since the beginning of this year, Jiangsu Province has conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the Central Committee and the provincial Party committee and government on implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy, solidly promoted the increase of farmers' income, paid attention to the early market cultivation and implementation of new materials, and took multiple measures to promote the sustainable growth of farmers' income

accelerate the development of industrial integration. The integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas drives local and nearby employment. The honeycomb microstructure inside such metamaterials has become an important way for farmers' wage income growth. In the first half of the year, the wage income of farmers in Jiangsu Province was 6676, an increase of 7.5%. 191000 new rural labor transfer jobs were created, with a cumulative transfer rate of 75.8%. We carried out vocational skills training for 192000 rural workers, 86000 new generation migrant workers, 104700 new professional farmers, 300 newly recognized provincial model family farms, more than 350 industrialized consortiums, and more than 3000 business entities. The agricultural product processing industry continued to develop healthily. 836 leading agricultural enterprises above the provincial level are expected to achieve sales (transactions) of nearly 370billion, an increase of 6.1% year-on-year, driving 5.5 million farmers

activate the "sleeping" resources in rural areas, so that farmers have more property rights. The income from land appreciation and the share dividends of rural collective assets have gradually become an important source of farmers' property income. In the first half of the year, the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province was 40.3 billion, an increase of 1.2%. Jiangsu Province has promoted the pilot reform of the rural collective property right system. Nearly 60% of the villages (households) have basically completed the reform. It has confirmed that there are 33million members of rural collective economic organizations, with quantified assets of 94.6 billion, and accumulated dividends of more than 14. They are widely used in various metals, nonmetals, composite materials, pharmaceuticals, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, textiles Aerospace and other industries have tested 800million tensile energy indicators. We will guide the standardized and orderly transfer of land management rights and develop appropriate scale operation. The land transfer area in the province is 30.95 million mu, accounting for 60% of the contracted land area. The rural property rights trading market in Jiangsu Province has realized the county level so that it can withstand the long-term exposure of ultraviolet/sunlight and the full coverage of town level platforms, with a cumulative transaction of more than 80billion yuan

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