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Shang Bing: vigorously promote IPTV to promote the "three convergence" process. According to the news on the evening of August 14, Shang Bing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, accompanied by leaders from the communications administration and the provincial Commission of industry and information technology, went to China's cloud Valley and grass-roots telecommunications enterprises to investigate the construction of Harbin International Data city and the March 2 in Heilongjiang Province Progress in the construction of a batch of characteristic industrial bases. Shang Bing emphasized in his research that IPTV business is a product with very good prospects, and it should be vigorously promoted

at Harbin Unicom branch, Shang Bing listened to the staff's introduction on the progress of the three integration work, and learned about the current IPTV network deployment, product platform functions, content, transmission, tariff, customer scale and other development status. Shang Bing said that the IPTV business is a product with very good prospects, and efforts should be made to promote it rapidly

it is reported that as of july2012, there were 110000 IPTV users and 1.4 million TV and video users in Heilongjiang Province

at the same time, Shang Bing requires basic telecom operators to realize recycling, emancipate their minds, accelerate the pace, and constantly promote the process of "three convergence" in the work of "three convergence", so as to make substantive progress in all work

at present, Heilongjiang Province has issued relevant policies according to the development needs of the three integration, established and improved the coordination mechanism of security assurance, and formulated the Heilongjiang three integration network information security control scheme. Various measures can make the manipulator slide around the model to steadily promote the three integration in Heilongjiang Province

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