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The decline of the print media has spread to the fashion magazine circle, which has always been dominated by stupid people and money. Two days ago, Hyundai communication released its financial report, which can only be described as dismal. Its profit fell by 78% year-on-year, with only a pitiful 3million yuan. It was not enough to buy a house outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. The advertising of fashion and luxury goods fell sharply. Not only the modern communication group, but also a high-level fashion group revealed that in the first half of this year, all kinds of fashion men's magazines were also defeated. Except for Mr. fashion, which was still profitable, other men's magazines suffered a comprehensive loss, even the fashion magazine famous for its sexy and semi naked female stars. It seems that it has been 5 years since I bought men's wear last time. Yes, even the roadside barbershop rarely sees those fashion magazines that have been turned into rags

I chatted with the editor in chief of a fashion magazine a while ago. I learned that the important task given by the big boss to each senior executive is to study how to transform new media and make plans every week, but everyone can't come up with a plan. Yes, if you can find it, the Washington Post won't have to sell it to Bezos

for a long time, fashion media has always been the richest piece of media. What are the top high-end financial magazines, such as Caijing and Forbes Chinese edition, whose advertising revenue is only followed by fashion magazines? Fashion magazines may only sell tens of thousands of copies in one issue, but it can not stop those fashion and luxury brands who covet the Chinese market from throwing money into them, The real content of a 200 page fashion magazine is only one third at most, and the rest are all advertisements, which are expensive

after the Internet, mobile Internet and other new media successively conquered the fields of current politics, urban, finance and economics, they finally reached the fashion circle and removed the last piece of shame cloth of the ordinary media

fashion welcome to leave messages and exchange Luxury brands are the most conservative advertisers. For a long time, they do not dare to devote themselves to the Internet of soap. But now, even luxury goods such as diamonds are selling hot on the Internet, and brands can no longer help but transfer to new media

a few days ago, I received an invitation from Sohu, my old employer, to participate in a fashion show called China. It is said that zhangchaoyang, my former boss, also wanted to take part in the show in person. It is said that this show is different from the traditional show. More than 10 designers came up with new season products. Everyone can try them on-site through electronic mirrors. If they feel appropriate, they can buy their own customized clothes through online orders, The way of purchase is through Yintai, an e-commerce station connected with Sohu fashion, and portal + e-commerce. Of course, luxury brands are interested in this model innovation, and the paper media will have a lot of trouble to do so. Zhou Zhou, the boss of Sohu fashion channel, used to be the editor in chief of a fashion magazine. Last year, Lao Zhang hired Sohu to hold a fashion event. I also went to the event. At the China Hotel, hundreds of stars came to attend the event, and thousands of people attended the event. It was like a fashion magazine event held in the heyday of that year. At that time, Zhang Chaoyang was a guest on this occasion, but now, It became that he sat in his own arena and watched the stars come to the platform

what should the fashion paper media do in the face of the loss of readers and customers and the advance of Internet companies

did the last fortress of the paper media fall? From the portal of PC to the electronic media on pad, it is no longer a problem that the paper media is captured by the Internet. However, fashion has always been regarded as a natural fortress. The circulation of magazines does not need to be large, and the content does not need to be made. Anyway, there are too many luxury advertisements and there is no place to invest. There is too much money and people are stupid. It seems that they are just picking up money to live. Why does the world change overnight

it's no surprise to think carefully. Let's first look at the two groups of data

The first composite bridge for public transport in the United States was built in Kansas in November 1996. Both users and advertisers are running away. The first group reports from the financial times in August this year. According to emarketer's report, the average time spent by American adults in 2013 was 2 hours and 19 minutes, and the time spent on non voice services was 2 hours and 21 minutes. The two times are collectively called digital media. The total consumption time is 5 hours and 9 minutes. Most of them carry 45 plastic bags to watch TV for 4 hours and 31 minutes, radio for 1 hour and 26 minutes, newspapers for 18 minutes and magazines for 14 minutes

from 2010 to 201 For 13 years, the induction system of the tension machine has adopted the world-famous sensor manufacturer vishiquan sensor of the United States. The growth rate of the consumption time of digital media is about 1 hour per year, and finally exceeded the consumption time of TV in 2013. Accompanied by this, the consumption time of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines continued to decline. In this report, the following conclusions are given. For the first time this year, Americans will spend more time consuming digital media than they watch TV, which will mark a major turning point in the transformation from traditional media to digital media

the second group of data comes from a domestic survey. In the three years since 2010, the startup rate of the so-called largest media TV in Beijing has dropped from 70% to 30%. At the same time, since 2013, the turnover of all newspaper kiosks in Beijing has reached a new low, with an average daily turnover of about 100 yuan. Even in the core areas with good location and large traffic, the daily turnover is only about 300 yuan, a decrease of more than 50% compared with last year. As a result, almost every newspaper kiosk has at least one competitor quit

the data is amazing. Users and channels complement each other and cannot be reversed. The result is very simple. The migration of advertisers. For many manufacturers who rely on advertising for a living, paper media is no longer the first choice or even the necessary choice, but has become an auxiliary option in the advertising budget

transformation? How do I transfer

previously, people thought that fashion magazines, which are dominated by fashion blockbusters, fashion leaders, exquisite printing and paper texture, could resist this trend. However, they could not escape the fate of being replaced in the end. The reason is very simple. The problem does not appear in the strengths of paper fashion magazines, but in their weaknesses: the trend of interaction, social networking and niche

since 2010, there has been a wave of young independent designers making personalized brands in foreign countries. With the help of networks and mobile terminal devices, these people can promote their brands to global audiences at a small cost. Meanwhile, blogs and social networks have added immediacy and interactivity unmatched by paper media to fashion comments, and changed the hierarchical pyramid pattern delineated by fashion elites in the past

when major fashion magazines either stick to their own paper reading experience or even upgrade to a tactile reading experience of art, or sit on pins and needles and strive to connect with the Internet era to open up digital battlefields such as stations, forums, blogs, microblogs, iPhones and iPads, the new internet magazines and digital pioneers have irreversibly brought fashion media into the era of multimedia experience

just like countless changes in history, no matter how the elites at the top of the pyramid tried to stop or adapt, the revolution took place right under their noses, and the outcome seems to have little to do with their efforts: the multimedia experience is obviously different from the traditional experience, and it is not simply to transfer the contents of magazines to stations, forums, blogs, microblogs, iPhones and iPads, It is a complete reconstruction from content to channel

from the perspective of content and mode, with the prosperity of Internet media, people are more willing to browse the blogs of fashion lovers or street photography stations where users upload photos, and directly comment on fashion social media, such as paying attention to various gossip and first-hand news of industry insiders and fashion idols on Weibo

traditional fashion magazines often act as the godfather of fashion, trying to cultivate the fashion taste of the public, which has also been subverted and disintegrated by the Internet. The fashion information at home and abroad is fast and high-quality. Some folk fashion elites are not inferior to the godfather at the top of the pyramid, and they are even praised as civilian fashion idols by the people

in terms of channels, traditional media use newsstands, subscriptions and other channels, while Internet and digital media use PCs, iPhones, iPads and so on. They can be pushed anytime, anywhere, without weight or pressure

the fall of the enemy is inevitable.

the super interactivity allows users to see what they get, and even directly join the hyperlinks of the store. Browsing, recommending, and purchasing are almost completed synchronously on the same device, which is fatal. For many advertisers of fashion goods and luxury goods, they used to have no place to invest and had to invest. Now they want to invest but have to invest in the right place. How to choose is naturally clear at a glance

of course, it is only one aspect that the media take the initiative to seize and undertake advertisers. Even if the budget of advertisers has been increasing, the growth of traditional print fashion media has been weak

taking the largest fashion media group in the domestic fashion field as an example, at the end of 2010, Liu Jiang said that in the next three years, he hoped that the new media revenue would account for 30%-50% of the whole group. But the reality is that until this year, this figure is still below 20%

fashion magazines also try to make changes, but as a friend said, if we can really find him, he will go to the United States to take over Murdoch's class. Is it possible

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