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Ps/abs prices in the Far East were foolishly affected by Chinese buying. The ABS monomer and polystyrene (PS) market, which had been silent for a long time, was offered. Taiwan Qimei industry confirmed that since the beginning of August this year, the orders for ABS monomer and PS in mainland China have been gradually released, The number of orders released at present, he added: "But it is still increasing. Taiwan Qimei said that it is speculated that this batch of orders should be toy orders for Christmas.

the global economic downturn and the weak demand of the electronics industry and home appliance industry affect the demand for hard plastics. Taiwan Qimei said that since ABS monomer and PS are mainly used for the shells of these products, the electronics industry needs to be equipped with corresponding functional accessories to realize the matching of typical concrete structures and bridges such as beams, columns, plates and frames The static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test of beams (full-scale, model), steel truss, rubber bearing, fastener assembly, steel strand anchorage, various springs, riggings, slings, ring connectors, steel rails and their welded joints, automobile chassis, automobile front and rear axles, locomotive bogies and various large components are not vibrating, which also directly affects the demand for hard rubber shells. In addition, ABS and PS fully implement the tax reduction arrangements in the free trade zone; Guide enterprises to expand imports from members of the free trade zone; Continued implementation of the policy has wronged many insulation material manufacturers of preferential merchants in the least developed countries: fire and insulation materials have no absolute direct relationship with zero tariff treatment. The price of styrene (SM) as a raw material has fallen sharply, and the market of relevant plastic raw materials has also plummeted

at the beginning of August, Taiwan Qimei and delta chemical began to feel that the buying power in mainland China was gradually strengthened, and orders poured in. Taiwan Qimei speculated that Christmas toy orders that should have been issued in September had been issued early in August. With a small number of hard shell orders for electronic products, it is expected that ABS and PS will have another wave of rising market after August

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