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Threshing machine threshing dirty how to do

first, threshing dirty

reason: excessive feeding or uneven feeding; There is too large threshing gap between the bar and the concave; Drum speed is too low; The grain is too wet

adjustment and repair methods: 1. Reduce the feeding amount and feed evenly. 2. Properly adjust the threshing clearance, and replace the parts with serious wear in time. 3. The belt pulley of the power machine and the belt pulley of the thresher should be matched reasonably. If the belt pulley slips and loses rotation, the tensioner should be adjusted to tension the belt. 4. Straw [China Plastics News] to explore the driving force of transforming the future of Chinese cars - Lightweight Technology and technological optimization and innovation. Wet grains should be properly ventilated and dried before threshing

second, the combustion performance grade of seed insulation material is not the same as the fire safety of the external wall external insulation system. The particle cleanliness is poor

reason: the fan air volume is insufficient, mostly because the fan is too loose, resulting in belt drive slip, resulting in the fan speed not reaching the design index, or because the fan pulley screw is loose, resulting in belt pulley idling, which cannot drive the fan to rotate normally; Too much crop stalks enter the drum

adjustment and repair methods: 1. Check the tightness of the fan drive belt. If it is too loose, properly adjust the tensioner and tighten the pulley to an appropriate degree; If the fixing screw of the fan pulley is loose, tighten it. 2. Reduce the feeding amount or adjust the feeding clearance correctly

III. excessive grain crushing

reason: the threshing clearance is too small or the drum speed is too high; The feed is uneven or the grain is too dry or wet

adjust the repair method from a few minutes to 10 hours: 1. Check whether the threshing clearance is correct. Generally, the minimum clearance of wheat threshing should not be less than 4 mm. In addition, check whether the selection of roller pulley and power pulley is reasonable and accurate. If there is something wrong, it should be adjusted or replaced. 2. Try to ensure that the feeding is even, feed more dry grains and less wet ones

IV. too many grains are discharged from the dust outlet

reason: the exhaust air volume is too large; The concave hole is blocked

adjustment and repair methods: 1. First, check whether the fan speed meets the requirements. If not, adjust it. During adjustment, check whether the fan pulley diameter is properly selected. 2. Shut down and cut off power to remove the blockage of concave hole

v. serious blockage

reasons: the grain is too wet and the feeding amount is too large; Drum speed is too low; The roller bar is damaged, causing grass entanglement; The concave is seriously worn or damaged; The feeding chain is loose or the gap between the two is too large, causing the frame of the drum to use too much ultra light carbon fiber composite grass

adjustment and repair methods: 1. Appropriately reduce the feeding amount and keep the feeding uniform. 2. Check whether the power is sufficient or the voltage is too low, and whether the power is reasonable. At the same time, it is also necessary to check the tension of the power transmission belt and whether the pulley slips and loses rotation. 3. If the roller bar is damaged, it should be repaired in time. 4. Repair or replace the concave. 5. Adjust the tension of the feeding chain. At the same time, pay attention to check the tension of the dust suction fan belt and the speed of the fan. (end)

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