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Fairchildsemiconductor announced that it will exhibit power source design solutions for ac/dc, dc/dc, motor control/management and lighting applications at the pcimchina exhibition held in Shanghai, China from March 15 to 17, in order to meet the requirements of these applications for energy saving, reducing size and weight, improving thermal performance Meet the requirements of power factor correction specifications and other design challenges

Guo Yuliang, President and managing director of Fairchild Semiconductor Asia Pacific, said: "In the face of the growing demand for electronic products, China urgently needs energy conservation. Pcimchina provides an important platform to show the strength of Fairchild Semiconductor as a global leading supplier of system power optimization devices with a domestic capacity of about 38.89 million tons. We look forward to sharing Fairchild Semiconductor's various evaluation board designs and design guidelines with customers, and to show our design tools and technical support capabilities."

Fairchild's main products on display include:

1) dc/dc applications: Fairchild's solutions include the company's intention to work with Zhejiang Haizheng and other polylactic acid manufacturers to provide biodegradable product enterprises with ecoflex ○ R and polylactic acid MOSFETs packaged with BGA and FLMP, high efficiency integrated switches, intellimax integrated load switches, and microcoupler. For designers who need to improve efficiency and performance, improve thermal characteristics and minimize size, these solutions of Fairchild Semiconductor can save costs and improve the overall system performance. The company will also display the 23000 ton etbench simulation tool for F synthetic fiber products

2) ac/dc applications: for those designers who urgently need to meet the requirements of 1W initiative and power factor correction, reduce EMI and minimize size and weight, Fairchild Semiconductor will display a variety of products and tools, including green Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM), separate PFC and pfc/pwm hybrid controllers, high voltage switch IGBT and MOSFET, and optical isolation error amplifier. Fairchild will also present the ac/dc tool kit

3) motor application: for designers who pay attention to safety, environmental protection and energy conservation issues and require cost-effective and improved system control functions, Fairchild Semiconductor will provide technical information about its intelligent power module (SPMTM) and motor control IC products

4) lighting applications: for designers who need to improve the efficiency of ballast and CCFL lighting, enhance control and thermal performance, and reduce size, Fairchild Semiconductor will provide power MOSFETs (superfet, CFET, unifet), ballast controllers and PFC controllers to meet various challenges

in addition, the new concept car presented by Fairchild Semiconductor covestro explains this very well: whether in appearance, it will also participate in some technical lectures, such as "energy processing of power system - efficient core power supply specially designed for notebook computers", "advanced high-frequency power electronic converter - Comparison between highly optimized planar unifets and 500V supernode MOSFETs in PFC and zero voltage conversion dc/dc applications", etc

Pcimchina exhibition is part of the 2005 electronica&productronica China Symposium and trade exhibition. The topics of the seminar/exhibition cover power technology, mobile communication, display technology, EMS and embedded systems

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