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Dujiangyan City Public Security Bureau has jointly worked with the geological supervision department to successfully crack down on a group of waterborne silicon Pu players who made and sold fake well-known brand latex paint, smashed 4 fake dens and arrested 3 suspect

On February 24, the police of the Economic Investigation Brigade of Dujiangyan Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that there was a building materials store selling a large amount of fake latex paint near Binjiang street in the city. The police immediately carried out a surprise inspection with the local geological supervision department, and found 93 pieces (barrels) of fake "Nippon", "Dulux" and other well-known brand series paints, as well as a large number of "Dulux" certificate labels and a transport vehicle in the market

at the same time, the police arrested three suspects who were selling fake latex paint, and the three people confessed to the fake latex paint imitation dens located in YONGGU village, Yutang town. The police immediately carried out a surprise inspection and sealed up the fake computer scene, and seized a large number of filled latex paint and filling tools. Subsequently, the police who handled the case rushed to Pixian County and destroyed the source of the fake dens

according to the police handling the case, suspect Zhang and others have sold fake "Nippon", "Dulux" and other brands of latex paint by processing and filling inferior latex paint since 2009, involving an amount of more than 200000 yuan. At present, three people have been criminally detained and the construction of the Secretariat of the special committee should be strengthened, and the case is under further investigation

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