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Taiwan manufacturers accelerate the layout of micro led patents, giving birth to 8K new applications

Taiwan manufacturers actively seize the future commercial boom of micro LED (micro light emitting diode), which is optimistic in the industry, including key ① For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture is directly connected with the sample, but when the equipment impact tester touches the parts and components PCB, it is put into research and development as soon as possible and the layout of relevant patents is accelerated, which is conducive to the birth of smart home 8K innovative applications

according to industry observation, micro led terminal applications are not limited to, and the demand for more innovative smart home devices and high-quality display applications is also quite strong, focusing on the actual reduction of production costs and the speed of introduction into commercial use

it is understood that in apple Samsung and "We are glad to see the growth of business in the telecommunications industry. In addition to Sony, Hon Hai Group is currently quite active in the layout of the 8K ecosystem as an engine to improve profits. In particular, Hon Hai and sharp jointly invested in the next generation display technology micro led, which also makes the application of relevant patents and technologies full of imagination.

looking back on the past, the U.S. start-up company elux announced its equity investment in late May this year due to its mastery of micro LED technology. Hon Hai and sharp successively announced their equity investment. Hong Hai said a few days ago that its subsidiary Cybernet Chuang Investment Co., Ltd. took a stake in elux in the United States and is scheduled to complete a total transaction of US $10million (equivalent to RMB 68.148 million) by the end of October this year

for the development of micro led, it is understood that sharp has already mastered the key patented technology, but has not yet been commercially available, mainly due to the potential growth and application opportunities of this technology in the next three to five years

Dai Zhengwu, vice president of Hon Hai group and President of sharp, admitted that there is room for imagination whether micro LED will become a key application of 8K in the future, but just like the competition between VHS and beta technology in those days, many large manufacturers were optimistic about beta at that time, but VHS still won the final victory because of its successful marketing

Dai Zhengwu believes that there are still many influencing factors in the development of technology, which are difficult to say and hard to be arbitrary. Just like plasma and TFT in those days, in addition to technology, it also depends on who does well in marketing. Therefore, it is still difficult to say which one will become the mainstream

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