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Factory price rise carton factory owner: the road has been chosen, and we have to finish it with tears

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core tip: Recently, the prices of raw materials have increased one after another, and the profits have shrunk. I didn't expect that second-hand landlords are also coming to "shear wool", which makes people's hearts jump! These days, it's really difficult to operate a carton factory. I feel that as soon as I pay the rent, the money I earn turns into nothing for its internal electromechanical control module with integrated hardware. A carton factory owner sighed, "dozens of workers work for me, but I work for the landlord"

[China Packaging News] recently, the prices of raw materials have increased one after another, and the profits have shrunk. I didn't expect that the second-hand landlords have also aggressively "sheared the wool", which has made people's hearts jump! These days, it's really difficult to operate a carton factory. I feel that the money I earn will vanish as soon as I pay the rent. A carton factory owner sighed, "dozens of workers work for me, but I work for the landlord"

compared with two years ago, Factory prices have risen by more than 40%

recently, some factories in Dongguan can adopt high flow (you can also take a lower flow factory friend. The lease is about to expire and you want to renew it. You are frightened by the renewal price! Go out and inquire, and your heart is cold!

the factory price in many towns has reached 20 yuan/square meter, and some even exceed 30 yuan/square meter. However, it is still difficult to get a room. If you hesitate a little, you won't have your share.

in Chang'an Town, Dalingshan and other places, because it is close to Shenzhen, or because of some large enterprises Driven by, since the second half of last year, plant prices have soared, and some plants have been close to 30 yuan/square meter. In the second tier town street like Changping, the factory price is also close to the 20 yuan mark. Shuixiang district has always been regarded as a synonym for "cheap". Now the factory price can scare many bosses

compared with two years ago, the factory price has increased by at least 40%

last year, CCTV reported that nearly 30% of small and medium-sized garment factories in Hangzhou were facing shutdown and bankruptcy due to the rapid rise in rent. Some time ago, the soaring rent of Guangzhou garment factory caused an uproar in the local area. The owner of the garment factory in Dapu, Xinshi, Baiyun District, Guangzhou pulled a banner to protest the soaring rent, which made the factory unable to survive

since last year, many factories in Shenzhen have moved to Dongguan and Huizhou. But according to the boss in Shenzhen, the factory prices in Shenzhen have risen instead of falling. It's really unbearable to start at 40/M2 outside the customs. Coupled with strict requirements on environmental protection, many factories are unable to stand on their feet now

a boss roast said, "most of the plants in Shenzhen are controlled by property management. The basic area of small-scale plants is only 50% of the actual area, and it will increase every two years. The cheap old plants on the first floor are also priced at 30 yuan/square meter, and the actual area is 60 yuan/square meter. What small plants can move is only to move to the surrounding areas. Shenzhen is no longer suitable for people in the entrepreneurial stage, and I also have deep experience!"

factory buildings have soared, and small and medium-sized carton factory bosses can't afford to be injured

in recent years, whether in the southeast coast or the mainland, a large number of carton factory bosses have chosen to move their factories to Southeast Asia, India and other regions, resulting in a large number of idle factories. Unexpectedly, the market has changed unexpectedly, and factory rents around the country have begun to soar

Lao Xu (a pseudonym), who has opened a carton factory in Nantou town for 10 years, has rented a workshop of more than 7000 square meters and has never moved. At the end of March this year, the second five-year lease term of the plant expired, and the landlord asked to increase the monthly factory rent from 108000 yuan to 153000 yuan, an increase of more than 40%

calculated, the rent will increase by 540000 yuan a year. Lao Xu's factory couldn't afford such rent and had to move. He reduced the scale of the plant by nearly half, with a usable area of about 4000 square meters

huang Sheng (a pseudonym), who opened a factory in Zhongshan Renmin town in 2012, originally used a 1000 square meter factory owned by a friend, with a monthly rent of 12.3 yuan per square meter. By October 2016, due to the company's development and capacity expansion, Huang Sheng's plant was not enough, and he began to look for new plants

the first contact was the "Yongsheng Industrial Park" in Dongcheng Road, which was managed by the "second landlord". At that time, the quotation was 14 yuan per square meter. Huang has stable and reliable performance. Considering that there are many idle plants around, there is no hurry to make a decision. Unexpectedly, we will talk about it in a few days. The monthly rent of "Yongsheng Industrial Park" has risen to 15 yuan per square meter

Huang Sheng briefly reviewed:

in the first half of 2016, the monthly rent per square meter was about yuan

at the end of 2016, the quotation reached yuan

in the first half of 2017, the quotation is yuan

in the second half of 2017, the general quotation was yuan

according to the actual use area, the monthly rent per square meter has already exceeded 20 yuan, which is generally in yuan. He can no longer rent a factory with a quotation of 14 yuan

uncover the mystery of "one room is hard to find"

a strange "one room is hard to find" is being staged throughout Guangdong. You thought the price was expensive, hesitated for a moment, and were robbed by others every minute! So, which immortal is the pushing hand behind this

recently, Zhongshan solved this mystery. Find Zhongshan XX Da Investment Industry Co., Ltd. and inquire about the market in the name of asking for rent. A person in charge of the company said that it could provide factories in surrounding towns

it can be seen from a plant schematic diagram provided by it that for an empty plant in yale'er Industrial Park in Huangpu town, the monthly rent of the first floor is 17 yuan per square meter, an additional 15% of the open space sharing area is increased, and a monthly management fee of 1 yuan per square meter is charged, that is, the monthly rent and management fee per square meter exceed 20 yuan. The company also charges a monthly health fee of 500 yuan

the industrial and commercial registration of the company shows that it is the same major shareholder as Shenzhen XX Da Investment Industry Co., Ltd. Xinx, another intermediary company mentioned more by business owners, was registered in August 2017 with a registered capital of 100000 yuan. Its business scope is property management, industrial housing and commercial business housing rental

some bosses contacted said that in recent years, enterprises that failed in competition have been closing down, some enterprises have shrunk their scale, and local factories have a partial surplus. However, the "second landlord" rents the factory buildings at a high price while renting them at a low price. Based on the increase in the past year, even if one third of the factory buildings are idle, the "second landlord" still has a certain profit

according to insiders, in recent years, Shenzhen's "investors" have also targeted the business opportunities of "frying factories" and organized groups to "mop up" in Dongguan and Huizhou on a large scale. As long as the factory is vacated, they rent it and even take it in pieces. Some people suspect that they have "controlled" the plants in some areas. Seeing that the market price is so high, scattered owners have also followed the trend to raise prices. As a result, the whole market price soared all the way

for the general owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, if the factory moves away, the workers will not follow, and there will be labor disputes. The factory can not operate normally, so they can only choose nearby Dongguan and Huizhou. In this way, the supply of the plant will exceed the demand in an instant

carton factory owners: they have chosen the road and have to walk through it with tears.

for the soaring factory rent in the Pearl River Delta, the enterprise bosses believe that the "second landlord" controls the supply of houses, shears the wool of small, medium and micro enterprises, seriously erodes the profits of physical enterprises, fuels the hype in the factory leasing market, and worsens the living environment of small, medium and micro enterprises. I hope relevant parties will take action to curb it

Shi Jiejun, executive vice president of Zhongshan Young Entrepreneurs Association and President of Guangdong yingder Industrial Development Co., Ltd., as a member of the provincial CPPCC, has repeatedly spoken about the survival status of small and medium-sized enterprises

for example, if the actual monthly rent reaches 20 yuan/square meter, an enterprise rents a plant area of 1000 square meters, and the annual rent will exceed 240000 yuan. If the annual output value of this enterprise is 5million yuan, calculated by 20% of the gross profit, the rent accounts for nearly 30% of the gross profit of 1million yuan, excluding the rising labor and other costs. "In this case, enterprises can only survive at a meager profit, and there is no way to compete. But enterprises of this size are widespread in Zhongshan and are an important part of Zhongshan's real economy."

a Shenzhen boss said that he hoped that the government would introduce new laws and regulations to prohibit factories from being contracted by intermediaries and the second lease of factories, so that enterprises could save% of the rent, so as to inject new vitality into enterprises

factory buildings soared, and the bosses of the paper packaging industry were miserable, but they were helpless. As a boss said, I want to close the company at least once a month. However, as a manufacturer of recycled plastic granulator equipment, there are huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastic in China is not high. Most responsible bosses can only face it hard: the road they have chosen must be finished with tears

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