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The hangover man stayed up late to play cards. In the morning rush hour, he broke the streetlight by blocking his waist.

the wonderful bullet screen was on the client side.

recently, in the early morning, a thrilling scene occurred at Guidu intersection of Minhang District, where a driving SUV suddenly knocked down the streetlight pole on the roadside and rolled three times. The last four wheels were lying in the middle of the road. Fortunately, the accident did not cause casualties

according to the on-site monitoring, at about 6:15 a.m. at the intersection of Guidu Road, the city road, a brown Kia SUV was driving rapidly north and south along the city route. As soon as it passed the intersection, the vehicle suddenly shifted to the right and quickly hit the separation belt in front of it. Due to the huge impact force, it first broke the street lamp post on the separation belt, and then the vehicle lost control and rolled in the air for several times, Just four wheels up in the middle of the road

the driver of the accident, He Mou: "I was a little sleepy at that time. My eyes narrowed for two seconds."

after the surrounding people called the police, the police rushed to the scene and soon controlled the good-looking driver he. At this time, the police found that he was full of alcohol

hehaian, a policeman from Tianyuan new village police station, "when we arrived at the scene, he smelled of alcohol. We asked him if he had drunk. He said he had drunk a little wine, but we didn't feel right. Because the alcohol smell was still very heavy, we carried out an exhalation alcohol test on him. He didn't cooperate and didn't blow, so we took blood from him."

after testing, the alcohol content in Mr. He's blood is 107 mg per 100ml, far exceeding the drunk driving standard. During the interrogation, he said that he had a dinner with his friends that night, drank three bottles of beer, and then played cards with his friends all night until he drove home in the morning

accident driver He Mou: "because my family lives nearby, I want to drive here for about ten minutes, and I think it should be all right, because I didn't drink too much, I'm just a little tired."

at the scene of the accident, it was seen that the impacted isolation belt had just been repaired with cement, and the ground was full of broken glass and car debris. Only the base of the broken streetlight pole was left. Some environmentalists had come up with ways to reduce, reuse and recycle excess materials. In the isolation belt, you can imagine how strong the impact force was at that time. The front right side of the vehicle involved in the accident was seriously damaged, the right front wheel had a flat tire, the front and rear windscreens were broken, and the car body had many scratches and dents, and the car was in a mess. The police said that the scene of the accident was very close to the side community with soft colors, and there was a school not far away. It was unfortunate that there were no casualties

hehaian, a policeman from Tianyuan new village police station, "it's the peak of people's travel in the morning. When he had an accident, he can only say that he was lucky, because he knocked down the street lamp post, which fell towards the sidewalk and non motorized lane. If he hit people, it may cause unpredictable consequences. Fortunately, there are not many cars on the road, and no other casualties."

further investigation by the police found that the annual inspection of Mr. He's vehicle had already expired, and 21 violations had not been dealt with. At present, he is under criminal detention and his driving license is revoked by Minhang police on suspicion of dangerous driving. More importantly, the case is under further trial

(source: Minhang station: Lin Hai, Yang Jiajun: Liu Yusi)

(original title: 21 illegal records on the back of the body! The hangover man stayed up late playing cards and broke the street lamp in the morning rush hour)

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