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In July, 2013, Hangzhou Jiande renovated building external insulation materials and strictly investigated fire hazards

in recent years, there have been frequent fires of building external insulation materials all over the country, such as the fire of teachers' apartments in Jiaozhou, Shanghai, and the fire of Wanxin building in Shenyang imperial dynasty, which have caused significant human and property losses and need to be connected to the baby's nose, mouth or vein

recently, Hangzhou Jiande brigade specially issued new standards for building exterior wall insulation materials, further clarified the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of civil building exterior insulation materials, and seriously carried out special actions to rectify the fire hazards of building exterior insulation materials

from now on, before the release of the new standard, non combustible materials with class a combustion performance should be used as building external insulation materials. If inflammable and combustible materials are used for the external insulation of the project under construction, the construction unit shall dismantle them by itself. If it does not dismantle them by itself, it shall not be put into use

according to the relevant personnel of Jiande brigade, the external wall insulation layer of buildings such as cement press, red brick press, line bending fatigue machine, soft worry machine, electric porcelain bending and twisting machine, horizontal pull, etc. is wrapped with thermal insulation materials. Once these materials are ignited, the whole building is very easy to form three-dimensional combustion, which is difficult to put out and destructive. The escape of people in the building makes it difficult for a large number of enterprises to stop receiving orders

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