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Handheld wireless IP factory solution

1. Enterprise introduction

a company in Shenzhen, founded in 2002, is located in XXXX Industrial Park in Shenzhen, covering an area of 50000 square meters. It is a private high-tech enterprise, engaged in precision molds, auto parts, optics and new energy, precision electronics/hardware products, medical equipment products, wearable intelligent products and intelligent flight control products. The company integrates R & D, design, manufacturing Sales and service in one, customers at home and abroad. The company has a precision mold business department, 3C intelligent terminal components business department, precision machining business department and photoelectric business group

2. Customer demand

demand "Zheng Yueming said 1:

internal phones of enterprises can dial communication with each other, as well as external lines


given the relatively large area of the enterprise, based on the current deployment of networks in the company's office area and workshops, the company's internal networks can be interconnected, and the IP-PBX server is deployed next to the company's computer room to communicate with the company. At the same time, the external telecommunication line is connected to the IP-PBX FXO port to provide internal external calls

requirement 2:

in the existing network environment, there is no need to redeploy the line


fip16 is equipped with lithium-ion battery, which can withstand 10 hours of talk time, 12 hours of standby time and fast charging function to cope with the heavy call burden. At the same time, fip16 phone supports 2.4G and 5g dual channel WiFi access. In the network environment where the WiFi SSID and password released by the AP device in the same segment are the same, wireless roaming can be realized, and the roaming time is 1s. In addition, fip16 phone supports 801.11k/r protocol. If the AP in the customer network also supports this protocol, 100ms roaming can be realized

demand 3:

walk around the production workshop with hands and talk continuously


plastic deformation occurs. The environment of the company and the workshop area has been fully decorated, and the network has been fully covered. In order to save the cost of re wiring, fip16 phones are directly connected to the company's internal WiFi network. Each department is equipped with oneortwo fip16 mobile phones for the use of supervisors or team leaders. Note that the connected WiFi network should be able to access the IP-PBX server, In this way, the fip16 phone can be registered with the PBX server

3. Advantages of the scheme

1. The wiring cost is saved, and the mobile phone is not limited by space

2. High quality and stable HD sound quality and powerful lithium-ion battery ensure the length of call

3. The unique 801.11k/r protocol supports wireless roaming, and can work without interruption when refueling and receiving electricity

4, network topology

5, product introduction

fip16 wireless IP

core features:

provide high-quality and stable HD sound quality

1.8 inch color display, convenient navigation and smooth operation

the powerful lithium-ion battery allows up to 10 hours of talk time or 12 hours of standby time

elegant and meticulous design helps users to quickly adopt


officium200g series converged communication platform (hereinafter referred to as om200gip-pbx) integrates multiple applications such as audio and video, broadcasting, fax, recording, mobile office, etc., supports operator IMS platform access and flexible fxs/fxo selection, and meets the converged communication needs of 500 person scale enterprises. Om200g supports host hot standby and dual port/dual power redundancy protection to meet the stability and reliability requirements of energy and power, rail transit, finance and insurance, public security and armed police, military and government applications

it's more convenient to contact customers

portable extensions, ringing with office landlines, double number one, recording, voice messages and text messages will not miss important business under any circumstances

unified management of multi location groups, recording and call records

om200g provides penetration services based on fast time cloud, and realizes free mutual calls between internal extensions and external line resource sharing through interconnection and flexible groups of remote om devices, IP extensions, extensions, voice switches, etc. Recording and call records are managed by the headquarters

high reliability guarantee

om200g is equipped with dual port redundancy protection and optional 1+1 DC/AC power module to meet users' needs for high reliability. At the same time, om200g also provides a variety of disaster recovery mechanisms, such as dual machine hot standby, platform switching, power failure/power failure escape, to ensure high reliability operation of the equipment

convenient and diverse remote management

the rotating shaft head used is reminiscent of the 19th century textile mill om200g, which is used in conjunction with the fast time tube monitoring system to achieve centralized management, remote monitoring, fault alarm, data capture, software upgrade and other maintenance work. It also supports the connection of third-party management systems through TR-069 and SNMP pipe protocol

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