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Hangcha group helps the automobile logistics industry reduce costs and increase efficiency

Hangcha group helps the automobile logistics industry reduce costs and increase efficiency

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on November, the 2019 national automobile logistics industry annual meeting was grandly held in Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center, and Hangcha group, as an important equipment supplier in the automobile logistics industry, was invited to participate in this annual meeting

under the influence of Sino US trade frictions, downward economic growth, insufficient consumer confidence and other factors, since the second half of 2018, the "1035" plan of the China new materials industry will start from the three levels of upgrading basic materials, developing strategic materials and selecting cutting-edge new materials. After more than 20 years of rapid growth, China's automotive market has entered a period of deep adjustment: in 2019, China's automotive sales increased by 9.7% year-on-year, The three categories of vehicle models have shown negative growth, and all automobile OEMs and automobile logistics enterprises are facing great pressure. How to reduce costs and increase efficiency is a common concern of all automobile logistics enterprises

at this meeting, Hangcha group focused on displaying and introducing XC series new energy forklifts, which have the advantages of maintenance free, convenient charging (no need to build a special charging room), fast charging on demand (no need for backup batteries), high and low temperature resistance, waterproof (strong environmental adaptability, zhouyufei, director of the materials department of China 1 automobile technology center), long battery life (more than 4000 times of charging and discharging), Hangcha XC series new energy forklifts can effectively reduce the use cost for users. In addition, the marketing service network of Hangcha group all over the country can provide users with a full range of services, including machine sales, parts supply, maintenance and repair, leasing, used car replacement, parking service, etc., and can also help users solve logistics related problems and promote cost reduction and efficiency increase

Hangcha group won the title of "outstanding technical equipment supplier in the automotive logistics industry in 2019" issued by the automotive logistics branch of China Federation of logistics and purchasing in recognition of its contributions in this field in recent years

so far, China's car ownership per thousand people is far lower than that of developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and there is almost no gap to reach saturation. China's car market still has great growth potential and is one of the most potential markets in the world. Hangcha group will always provide high-quality products and all-round services for the majority of automobile logistics enterprises, and work together with users to spend the "cold winter" and jointly welcome the arrival of "spring"

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