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Handheld terminals and durable devices are included in the Windows Embedded business

sooner or later, everyone will ask: what do you do, This question is not always easy to answer

my official title is: Senior Product Manager of Windows Embedded Department of Microsoft Corporation. That sounds too general, doesn't it? But that may not be the case. In fact, my team and I are responsible for managing multiple software platforms that you may see or use every day

when you go shopping, you are likely to see the clerk using some terminal devices to price goods or check out for you. Have you received any parcels recently? The deliveryman is likely to use a similar device to scan the package. Warehouse keepers also use such equipment to manage goods. These devices are called handheld devices or ruggedized devices because they are designed to be used in harsh environments and industrial installations. At present, millions of such devices are working in these and other environments around the world

at Microsoft, we have developed many software solutions for many handheld terminals and durable devices. At present, Microsoft partners such as Motorola, INTERMEC and Honeywell are manufacturing devices based on Windows Embedded CE or windows mobile operating system for their customers. These two operating systems are very powerful and can provide a series of applications with industry characteristics for various devices

up to now, these two operating systems belong to two business departments of Microsoft. Windows embedded material testing machine includes scope D department (WEB) has been managing windows embedded CE, and the mobile communication division (MCB) was once responsible for managing windows mobile

this situation is changing. In order to help us better meet our customers' current and future needs, we announced today that the handheld terminal and durable device business will be included in the Windows Embedded business. For our customers, this initiative strengthens the connection between Windows Embedded CE and windows mobile product lines, enabling Microsoft to adopt a more unified approach to respond to their business needs. Web is integrating this plan into its overall strategy and vision, because we are committed to helping special equipment manufacturers provide rich user experience and seamless connection experience for global Windows users

Microsoft has two product groups focusing on Mobility: one focuses on handheld terminals and durable equipment industry (WEB), and the other is dedicated to meeting the needs of all types of end users (MCB). Windows Embedded CE and windows mobile platforms play an important role in helping the government, retail, logistics, medical and other industries to deploy handheld devices, and we are committed to meeting the current and future needs of these industries

there are many reasons why we made this decision. First of all, the strong ability and rich experience of Windows Embedded in developing special device software make the web an ideal department to lead the business of handheld terminals and durable devices. Secondly, after transferring the support services to the web, Microsoft has provided a complete and forward-looking roadmap across two operating systems for handheld terminals and durable devices. MCB will continue to focus on meeting the needs of windows phones customers

our partners are also very excited about this initiative, and they have expressed their commitment to continue to provide rich user experience through these software platforms:

as Microsoft hands over its durable device and handheld terminal Windows Mobile 6.5 to the Windows Embedded department, we are cooperating with Microsoft to better serve our enterprise customers and partners. Motorola hopes to work closely with Microsoft to develop future products tailored for our enterprise customers. Jerry McNerney, vice president of mobile computing product management, Motorola enterprise mobile solutions

Microsoft is a long-term strategic partner of INTERMEC, which has helped us develop a series of durable mobile business solutions. These solutions seamlessly integrate the surface of materials and become Microsoft's various operating systems and development tools after grinding. As Microsoft becomes more focused on enterprise mobile capabilities, we expect to continue to promote the relationship between the two sides. Dan Albaum, senior director of strategic marketing at INTERMEC

the unified management of embedded CE and windows mobile based on the structure of windows hypothetical fixture is logical, and it is popular with Honeywell scanning and mobile business department. Our customer base requires us to provide support services for these two platforms. Therefore, a one-stop integrated system can prohibit sintering and wear, reduce power consumption and reduce our customer service costs. Mark Schmidt, strategic marketing director, scanning and mobile business department of Honeywell

the future of handheld terminals and durable devices is bright. Our goal is very simple: with the strong partnership we have established, we will work closely with our partners to continuously expand this market. The integration of these two teams is to achieve this goal

what is the biggest benefit of this article? It makes it easier for me to explain what my job is

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