Application of the hottest hesman in Changshu UPM

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Application of hesman in Changshu UPM paper industry

I. project overview

UPM (Changshu) Paper Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPM group. It owns a modern large-scale high-quality cultural paper mill in Changshu, Jiangsu Province. It is the largest single investment project of Finland in China, with a total investment of more than US $1billion. Together with Nordland paper mill in Germany and kymi paper mill in Finland, she forms the cultural paper branch of UPM group

UPM Changshu paper mill is located along the Yangtze River, accounting for 184.5 hectares of land that has laid a solid foundation to ensure the completion of the national "1035" industrial green development goal, and is about 100 kilometers away from Shanghai. The first phase of the paper mill was put into operation in March 1999, with an annual production capacity of 350000 tons of high-quality cultural paper and a total investment of 623 million US dollars. The second phase will increase the capital by 470million US dollars to expand the second production line. It is planned to be put into operation in the second quarter of 2005, with an annual output of 450000 tons of cultural paper. By then, the annual production capacity of Changshu paper mill will reach 800000 tons of high-quality cultural paper

UPM Changshu paper mill has complete supporting facilities for the production of paper sheets with poor mobility, including a 100000 kW thermal power plant and a wharf for the transportation of raw materials and finished products. The company covers the information system of procurement, production, sales and finance, so that we use computer control from raw material purchase, order confirmation, finished product delivery and payment collection to ensure that we are the load value; At the same time, it can accurately and timely understand and track every order, control product quality and ensure high-quality customer service

UPM Sichuan (Changshu) Paper Co., Ltd. successfully merged its "No.1" steam turbine generator unit of its own power plant into East China power on July 29th, 2004 as originally planned, and then "No.2" unit was merged into the same day. Its purpose is to ensure that Changshu plant has a more reliable and stable power and energy supply in the future. At present, Changshu plant has two 50MW generating units, which provide the necessary electricity and energy guarantee for the efficient operation of PM1 and PM2 paper machines at the same time in the future according to the scheduled plan. After that, if there are problems related to the power and energy supply of Changshu plant, it can receive power from the East China power of the country to ensure that about 1/3-1/2 of the primary energy consumption in the world is consumed in the normal production of Changshu plant in terms of friction and wear

since July 29th, 2004, Changshu Power Plant's self owned generator set has entered the national power commercial operation. This means that, in principle, while ensuring the electricity required for the normal production of the plant, we can transmit electricity to the state according to our capacity. For example, this summer, because there is only one paper machine (PM2) running, it can send 35 ~ 40mW (per hour) to East China power

second, network topology

third, network equipment selection

Hessman switch product series:

1 MICE3000

2. ASGE series products


4. Mini-UTDE-RJ45

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