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Hang chi group company held the 2018 annual supplier conference

hang chi group company held the 2018 annual supplier conference

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on December 29, 2017, hang chi group company was alive, so the enterprise did not reduce the price due to high inventory sales. Waitaoyuan Junlan resort held the 2018 annual supplier conference with the theme of "moving forward with development, working together to create a win-win situation", Leaders of the group and more than 150 suppliers attended the meeting. Yang Shuiyu, the general manager of the company, Deng Lin, the deputy general manager, song bin, the chief engineer, and Lou yuan, the head of the manufacturing management department, were seated on the rostrum. The meeting was presided over by jiangshanlin, Vice Minister of manufacturing management department

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first, Lou yuan, the head of the manufacturing department, made a thematic report on the 2018 annual supplier conference. The report was divided into two parts. Lou yuan briefly reviewed the 20176, experimental software: adopt the Chinese winxp/2000 operating system, menu prompts, mouse selection, and simple operation before the meeting; The main work of the year, and focuses on the management ideas of supplier management in 2018

song bin, the chief engineer, made a quality report on the procurement of supporting products with the theme of "moving forward with development, working together to create a win-win situation, and quality casts the future". Report the achievements of supplier quality improvement respectively; Quality status of purchased parts; The main problems faced by the current supplier quality improvement; The quality management of special product parts and the 2018 supplier quality improvement action plan are launched in five parts, providing a code of conduct for the improvement of supplier quality next year

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award ceremony, Deng Lin, deputy general manager, read out the documents of commendation for excellent suppliers, quality excellence awards, and cooperation Excellence Awards, and presented the awards for souvenirs. Zhejiang Tianma company, Zhoushan Haishan company and Zhejiang Haihong company, as representatives of excellent suppliers, jointly expressed their gratitude to Hangzhou gear group and their determination to supply next year

then, Deng Lin, deputy general manager, made a keynote speech. First of all, it expounds the severe market situation faced in 2017, understands the difficulties and challenges faced by suppliers, and puts forward four deficiencies for the current supply situation of suppliers: first, the continuous reduction of their own production capacity; Second, the response of Hangzhou gear cooperative parts is low; The quality assurance ability of some suppliers is insufficient; Fourth, the internal management ability of suppliers is insufficient. Four requirements are put forward for the work of suppliers in 2018: first, we should continue to improve the rapid response ability of the supporting resource system; Second, strengthen efforts to promote quality management; Third, improve the production technology capacity; Fourth, increase cost control, focus on tapping internal potential and reduce production costs

At the meeting, general manager Yang Shuiyu made an important speech. First of all, on behalf of Hangzhou gear group, he thanked all suppliers for their arrival, and made a predictive analysis on the market next year. From the supply side reform of the function of this important and clear experimental machine and the outward shift of production capacity of the the Belt and Road, we can draw a good signal that the country should further support the development of the real economy, and emphasize that the majority of suppliers should be inspired. According to the development plan of hangchi, we hope that the majority of suppliers will cooperate with the development of hangchi to achieve a win-win situation for both sides. In order to better serve the supply of Hangzhou gear products and improve the supply capacity of suppliers, five requirements are put forward for the management of suppliers: first, continue to consolidate the relationship between supply and demand; Second, emphasize the need to further improve quality; (III) ensure delivery on time to avoid delays; Fourth, the supply and demand sides should strengthen cooperation to achieve joint research and development and common improvement; Fifth, strictly control the cost of the whole life cycle and improve the success rate of one-time delivery

at last, Chairman Feng Guang delivered a speech, on behalf of Hangzhou gear group, to thank the suppliers again for their arrival, and put forward three wishes to the suppliers. First, we should cooperate sincerely and make progress hand in hand; Second, we should seek mutual benefit and common development; Third, we should make sure to make efforts to produce on time and improve quality

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