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Hanergy holdings is moving forward with a new path, and the prospects of the photovoltaic industry are optimistic

in 2009, hanergy Holdings Group, the world's largest private clean energy enterprise, entered the field of solar thin films; In November, 2011, hanergy received 30billion yuan of financial support from CDB; In 2012, the major bases of hanergy silicon-based films will be put into operation successively; By the end of 2012, the production capacity will reach 3gw

hanergy holdings group would like to hear how they comment on the optimistic development prospects of our solar thin film technology, the grand prediction of the scale of the power generation market, and the complete integration of the industrial chain, all of which have won the admiration of the industry

after the first phase project of hanergy Hainan 250MW silicon-based thin film solar cell base was put into operation, on April 28, hanergy Shandong silicon-based thin film solar energy R & D and manufacturing base was also officially put into operation. It is expected that by the end of this year, hanergy Holdings Group will realize the production capacity of 3gw thin-film batteries and become the world's largest manufacturer of silicon-based thin-film solar cells

with a clear-cut entry and firm and powerful development, hanergy has attracted much attention in every step of its solar power industry. Recently, Li Hejun, President of the national new energy chamber of Commerce and chairman of hanergy Holdings Group, accepted an interview with this newspaper to explain the way for readers to develop solar photovoltaic power generation

"enter the photovoltaic market and choose a different way."

in the field of photovoltaic power generation, crystalline silicon battery products account for more than 80% of the market share, and the industry is also dominated by enterprises producing crystalline silicon products. Although thin-film battery technology continues to make breakthroughs, and has many advantages, such as ultra-low cost, weak light continuous power generation, perfect combination with buildings, and the application market share continues to expand, it is still difficult to shake the strength of the mainstream position of crystalline silicon products in the short term

according to the relevant personnel of the Secretariat of the China photovoltaic industry alliance, in the total installed capacity of 67.4gw of global photovoltaic power generation in 2011, the cumulative installed capacity of thin-film batteries was about 4gw, accounting for less than 10% of the market share of photovoltaic power generation, of which the United States' leading solar energy accounted for half with more than 2gw shipments. The top ten crystalline silicon giants in the photovoltaic field often replace the sample heads, but in the field of thin film technology, China still lacks industry giants and leading enterprises

unlike most manufacturers in other photovoltaic industries, hanergy Holdings Group resolutely "chose thin films instead of crystalline silicon". Li Hejun said: "In the more than ten years of the development of the photovoltaic industry, the crystalline silicon market and technology have been fully and substantially expanded and improved, and the development momentum of the crystalline silicon market was once very strong. Although the crystalline silicon battery is slightly better than the thin-film battery in terms of photoelectric conversion rate, whether the solar cell can be widely commercialized in the market is not judged by the conversion efficiency, the cost per watt of battery modules or the power generation cost per kilowatt hour, which is the measure of the market." A hard indicator of competitiveness. From the perfect combination with the building, the film with the advantages of low energy consumption, no pollution, low cost, weak light power generation, flexibility and so on will catch up. "

"hanergy has developed the film industry, and hydropower has provided stable cash flow."

with the promotion of the overall plan of "one base and two wings" deployed by hanergy holdings group and the successive production of major film R & D and production bases, hanergy holdings group quickly established its leading position in the film field. How to find market application space, how to break through the key technologies of thin film, and how to achieve sustainable development have become the focus of the industry to pay attention to hanergy holdings group

lihejun said: "Everyone who knows about hanergy holdings group knows that hanergy is currently the largest private hydropower enterprise in the world, with a total installed hydropower capacity of 6million kW, and the annual power generation is equivalent to the total solar photovoltaic power generation capacity of 24gw. Hydropower provides stable cash flow support for hanergy to enter the solar photovoltaic industry, which is crucial to the development of the enterprise. Hanergy has also conducted a risk assessment in the field of thin films, which are risks and opportunities Coexisting industries. Throughout the world, high-tech companies and energy enterprises are more likely to become million, which is also the key to the significant weight loss of iPhone 5 compared with 4S. Take high-tech apple as an example. At present, the market value has exceeded 600billion US dollars, and the scale of trillion US dollars is just around the corner. In the field of thin film, high technology and energy are combined. Theoretically, the strategic height should be higher than that of apple. If China's solar energy enterprises can become trillion companies, it is of great significance to the country and the nation. "

for the film application market that has not been opened in China, Li Hejun called on the government to speed up the implementation of BIPV and build photovoltaic building integration demonstration projects in all provinces. He said: "At present, there is little room for the price of products in the crystalline silicon industry to decline, while there is huge room for the decline of thin film. At present, the conversion rate of thin film batteries is only 10%. Once the conversion efficiency of thin film is increased to 15%, the cost is only 0.2 yuan/kwh, so it is not very far away for everyone to choose to use optoelectronics. Now hanergy adopts the strategy of 'point to area', and will first build in some southern provinces suitable for the development of thin film, such as Guangdong, Yunnan and other places in the province After a batch of demonstration projects, they will be slowly promoted to other provinces as the overall project deployment. Taking Guangdong Province as an example, the industrial plants in Guangdong Province probably need a scale of 30gw-50gw. It can be imagined that once the domestic market is fully opened, no one can fully meet the market demand. "

Li Hejun boldly predicted the future photovoltaic market space, "We now have many ideas and predictions, which you will find ridiculous, but hanergy is still very confident in the forward-looking judgment of the development of things. A few years ago, we built the world's largest hydropower station invested and constructed by private enterprises; two years ago, hanergy put forward the 2gw film target. At that time, many people thought it was too high, but the facts proved that we were right again. I often say, 'we tend to overestimate one The change in the next two years is underestimated, and the change in the next ten years' is also applicable to the photovoltaic industry. The development of the photovoltaic industry in the future will be far beyond our imagination. "

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