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Hangzhou gift box packaging company is the boss of the Internet platform: seek cooperation and guidance

there is a company called Hangzhou Riyue gift box packaging, which was originally an enterprise engaged in high-end gift box packaging. Ten years after its establishment, the development of the company touched the ceiling, so it decided to transform and upgrade

recently, long Xinfeng, director of Hangzhou Riyue gift box packaging Co., Ltd., called the growth alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises of ivy, saying that under the impact of Internet technology and the market's double attack on the improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection awareness, the company decided to transform and upgrade and established yunce packaging service platform

however, it is not easy for a traditional enterprise to transform, and it is full of variables to upgrade into an e-commerce enterprise. Therefore, Fang Xinfeng wants to use the Ivy platform to discuss how a traditional enterprise needs to adjust its business strategy in the process of transforming to e-commerce

Yesterday, an excellent packaging enterprise with a history of ten years came to the Riyue gift box packaging company located in the highland Industrial Zone, Nanyuan street, Linping, Yuhang District. As soon as I entered the gate, I saw a 4-story office building. The traditional characters Riyue packaging design agency were printed on one wall of the company's lobby, and the same lines of traditional characters were written below, which said the gift box packaging design and box making integration service provider. In the reception area of the company, traditional Chinese furniture is placed, and ceramic handicrafts such as Buddha's head are placed on several cases

when our company was just established, it positioned itself as a high-end creative packaging operator. In the past ten years, our packaging business has involved more than ten industry systems, such as high-end tea products, moon cake gift boxes, high-end wine industry, and served hundreds of enterprise groups. Said long Xinfeng, director of Riyue company

Good seismic performance

Riyue gift box packaging company was founded in 2003. The company now has a 1500 square meter standard special production plant with more than 130 employees, and has been successfully applied in practical work, including 15 professional designers. Its subordinates also include professional brand creative design companies, metal can companies, production bases of gift box packaging Industrial Park, and the developed tea packaging collection series won the Asian Star Gold Award. Riyue company also won the honorary title of excellent Chinese packaging brand awarded by the China Packaging Federation

in 10 years of business practice, Riyue company has formed a solid sales channel network, accumulated rich experience in sales and market operation, and established long-term and stable strategic partnership with many customers in the large food industry

multiple factors have led to a sharp decline in performance, and transformation is imminent.

however, under the impact of multiple factors, the company has been unable to maintain its original competitive advantage by continuing to follow the route of high-end creative packaging

the most striking impact comes from purchasing. What consumers value most is not the exquisite packaging, but the price of the product. The influence brought by the change of purchase mode forces enterprises to reduce the cost of packaging when producing products, which is a fatal blow to high-end packaging manufacturers

at the same time, in recent years, the policy has continuously emphasized the concept of ecological balance, sustainable development and resource-saving development. Avoid over 5. Travel protection of electronic tensile testing machine: mechanical and computer dual protection packaging is gradually becoming a serious problem that traditional packaging enterprises have to face

another problem that makes traditional packaging enterprises more headache is that with the strict implementation of the eight provisions of the central government, the previously popular gift market is gradually declining, and the living space of gift box packaging enterprises that rely on high-end gifts is greatly reduced

impact is obvious. In terms of order quantity, price and enterprise profits, the revenue of packaging enterprises is declining significantly, and the number of orders is also declining linearly. Fang Xinfeng said that in addition to the above factors, the high cost of traditional packaging procurement and the difficulty of supplier management have also forced major packaging enterprises to seek transformation and develop new industrial chains

Fang Xinfeng said that improving packaging technology, realizing green packaging, and seeking new business growth points and profit points are the long-term way for enterprises to survive and develop

want to build a one-stop service platform

seek cooperation and guidance

on the 10th anniversary of the founding of Riyue company, Fang Xinfeng decided to transform the enterprise as a whole, so he established a cloud policy one-stop packaging service platform based on Internet

the so-called one-stop packaging service platform, to put it simply, is to provide high-quality outsourcing services for large enterprises that need packaging, mainly integrating customer resources, integrating manufacturer resources, completing the connection between supply and demand, tracking service quality, tracking customer experience, and providing private customization

in order to carry out quality control, yunce company has integrated many suppliers in the packaging industry chain on the basis of Riyue company, forming a platform mutual aid customer model. Fang Xinfeng said that we hope to free the enterprise from a series of complicated work such as finding manufacturers and tracking packaging quality, so that the enterprise can focus more on its main business. In addition, the packaging custody business and sales custody business adopted by yunce packaging have reduced the communication links of suppliers

but the problem immediately followed: the e-commerce platform is completely different from the original traditional packaging operation mode. Fang Xinfeng is thinking: is yunce ready to transform into an e-commerce company? How to meet a series of new challenges in the e-commerce market? In the face of customers with different forms of interconnection, does yunce have enough excellent design teams to help customers complete the design of product packaging

these problems are what Fang Xinfeng hopes to be pointed out

if there are experts in e-commerce or people with unique views on design who can help yunce, you may wish to contact creeper to help them embark on a broad road of transformation and upgrading

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