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Hang Yuan glass will go to Germany to participate in the Duesseldorf international glass exhibition

from October 21 to October 25, 2008, Shanghai Hang Yuan glass products Co., Ltd. will rush to the Duesseldorf International Exhibition Center to participate in the Duesseldorf International Glass Technology Trade Expo

our company is an enterprise specializing in the deep processing of glass. It mainly produces more than 100 kinds of products, including anti glare glass, low reflection glass, non reflection glass, photo frame glass, metal plated glass, jade sand glass, glazed glass, tempered glass, etc., which are widely used in sanitary ware, screens, floors, walls, doors and windows, kitchenware, etc. the quality of anti glare glass and non reflection glass produced by our company has been at the leading level in China. It can be used in LCD TV, rear projection TV, MP4 and other high-tech products, as well as buildings, display cabinets, photo frames, etc

in recent years, our company has always pursued the business philosophy of treating each other with sincerity and winning with quality. With exquisite processing technology, first-class professional service and good professional reputation, we have served many decoration companies, door and window companies, curtain wall companies, real estate companies and brother glass companies, and won the recognition and praise of our customers and the same industry

Dusseldorf International Glass Technology Trade Fair is one of the large-scale exhibitions in the world glass industry. With an exhibition area of 118600 square meters, nearly 1000 manufacturers from 38 countries and regions including China, the United States, Britain, Germany and France participated in the exhibition, and 54765 visitors visited the exhibition when the compression force of the specimen on the impact tester was too large. A considerable number of visitors ordered glass products and processing equipment or signed service consulting contracts through the exhibition. In 2006, Fresenius (Germany) had nearly 100 exhibitors in China, and most enterprises achieved satisfactory exhibition results. At that time, the latest international glass products, technologies and related services will be gathered here. The exhibition not only provides visitors with a lot of technical information, but also an occasion for the supply and demand sides to meet and negotiate. It is a very attractive channel to open the international market. For us, this exhibition is a good platform for mutual exchange, which can promote mutual friendship and constantly expand the market of the glass industry

at the same time, the technical content of glass technology, sales and products can reflect the corporate culture contained in Shanghai Hangyuan glass products Co., Ltd

the exhibits displayed by the company during the exhibition mainly include:

1. Glass manufacturing and application: Architectural and decorative glass, industrial glass, glass doors and windows and hardware accessories, electronic glass, special glass, glass fiber, glass wool and products

2. Glass production instruments and equipment: automatic control and various supporting systems

3. Glass deep processing equipment, abrasive tools, glass tools

4. Refractory materials, raw materials and auxiliary materials

welcome to share the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine with friends in the glass industry at that time, and promote each other

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