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The impact of the state on the fake and shoddy door and window industry has gradually increased, making the livelihood environment of some small and medium-sized door and window companies increasingly difficult. Recently, some small and medium-sized door and window companies have been closing frequently, which is proof

under this setting, some people choose to withdraw from the door and window industry, and many of the remaining people regard turning to brand as a lifesaver

however, looking at the operation methods of these brands, most of them still continue to follow the old way:

1 When making goods, we are still chasing the trend and doing what is easy to sell; No market discussion, no positioning

2. When selling goods, the policy is still to leave the factory, as long as the goods can be delivered to the way; Pay no attention to consumers and the whole sales process

3. Just regard the brand as a trademark, which has nothing to do with the goods, and the goods are easy to sell; Do not combine brands with commodities, and do not sell brands

4. The focus of operation is still limited to the brief sales period; Do not pay attention to creating and conveying images

5. The competition still stays on the comparison of quotation, the speed of commodity launch, and the ability to sell goods through different ways; Unable to escape the quagmire of quotation war and speed war

the above signs show that few companies can really embark on the road of brand, and then change their own destiny

thinking leads to action. The back of the operation method is the understanding of the brand

most new brands still have a very shallow understanding of brand operation: they think that with their own legal trademark, a little publicity materials, perhaps special counters, or investment advertisements in professional magazines, they will become the so-called brand. The result is: the commodity is still the original commodity, the way is still the original way, and the operation form is still the original operation form. Soon, the following questions appeared: it is difficult to attract investment, it is difficult to unload goods, and finally it is difficult to operate. What's more, & 39; After three yards of losses, five yards of fraud, and finally die in the brand&# 39; Originally, the life-saving straw of brand is not so effective

is it wrong to take the road of brand

if it's really wrong, why are there so many multinational brands active in the outpost of PK with international brands, and they are in the limelight

if it's right, why is it completely different from what you expected

' In the 21st century, only specialization can make a living&# 39; Mr. Kenichi Ohama, a Japanese management master and advocate of professionalism, once said. In today's mobile phone shopping malls, where competition is fierce, to operate a mobile phone brand well requires the same professional needs

-- professional development strategy

the road is taken step by step. On the basis of a clear understanding of oneself, we should clarify the policy and the mission of each period, and do something or not

-- professional marketing operation

figure out your own policy. Where is the mall? Where are the policy customers? Where is the policy approach? Who is the opponent of the policy competition? Accordingly, we should plan our own brands and commodities, formulate channel strategies, quotation strategies, and implementation strategies, so that all marketing behaviors are methodical and well understood

-- professional team equipment

things are done by people, and a group of people working together needs division of labor and cooperation

find out what you should do during each period of development? What are the functions of the equipment? What positions should be established? On this basis, we should establish an appropriate organizational structure, select the right people and put them in the right positions, let the people in each position work together through norms and processes, and continuously improve their enthusiasm and professionalism through encouragement, training and other methods, so as to give full play to the potential of the team and promote the team to make the best results

only by purchasing brand door and window goods can the quality of doors and windows be guaranteed and consumers be more determined





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