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in July, 2018, hosted by, Huida sanitary ware was named throughout the whole process, CO organized by ideal sanitary ware, and specially supported by Huahao sanitary ware, the "2018 large end market visit activity - ask Niushang" was launched in the third season. This year, took advantage of the victory and pursued the success, all the way East, across the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, bringing fresh materials for the sanitary ware industry in the four provinces of eastern Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. In Dongguan, the reporter of had the honor to interview Cheng Yong, the assistant president of huameile home furnishing group, to decrypt the development and market changes of huameile

starting from the 12000 square meter building materials supermarket in 2002, starting to enter the home decoration industry in 2003, to the overall home decoration of decoration + hypermarkets in 2006, and then to the layout of the Pearl River Delta in recent years, huameile has successfully created a precedent of "supermarket decoration" in South China, make "One stop home service platform.

Cheng Yong, assistant to the president of huameile home furnishing group.

at present, huameile's overall home decoration products have covered 17 categories, more than 100 brands, with more than 300 design teams, and have successively exhibited 8 direct chain building materials supermarkets and more than 90 chain decoration companies in Dongguan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places to provide consumers with home decoration design, decoration engineering, building materials sales, storage and distribution Install one-stop service

since 2017, the development of decoration has been recognized as a major trend in the development of the Pan home decoration industry, but huameile smelled the general trend of decoration as early as 2006, and timely transformed into an integrated decoration company, improved from the pilot to the service, and complied with the development trend of the times step by step. At present, huameile has accumulated mature packaging experience, systematic packaging process, good service experience and service reputation in Dongguan

for the decoration construction process that consumers are most worried about, huameile develops an independent app to ensure the smooth realization of "careful design, accurate budget, fine construction and fine service" from the system and method, and provide consumers with high-quality products "from factory to home" and perfect and thoughtful humanized after-sales experience services. "From the purchase of front-end products to the floor decoration of the back-end, huameile keeps improving, and achieves the perfection of every detail of every link. Whether it is the preliminary design, the purchase in the medium term, or the painting in the later period, it can be displayed in detail on the app, truly providing one-stop decoration services for consumers." asked Li Tianyan, the general planner of Niushang, for a group photo with Niushang

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