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Pure and refreshing blue is matched with elegant and fashionable white. Although blue and white are typical colors of Mediterranean style, the designer has created a fashionable and very fresh and romantic house for the owner with the design method dominated by modern simple style. The next thing I want to share with you is a set of 70 square meters, two rooms and one living room decoration renderings

the gorgeous and elegant crystal lamp hanging on the ceiling has become a highlight of the space decoration design, laying the elegant style of the space and highlighting the owner's high-quality life pursuit; The ivory fabric corner sofa is elegant and looks very classy. The comfortable sitting feeling and spacious sitting surface make people feel very comfortable; In addition to the blue wallpaper decoration, the TV background wall is also decorated with white beautifully carved hollow partitions. The simple element matching instantly improves the overall beauty of this small family home, and the effect is very good

the ceiling in the effect drawing is a big stroke in the decoration design of the restaurant. The round ceiling shape and the inlaid dark mirror reflect the elegant posture of the gorgeous crystal lamp, creating a double beautiful visual effect, while enhancing the ductility of the field of vision and making the space more three-dimensional. The pure white dining chair with silver white metal frame is matched with the round dining table, and the fashionable shape highlights the extraordinary aesthetic taste of the owner of this small family home

the elegant wallpaper is pasted on the background wall of the whole bedroom, filling the blank of the wall, and adding elegance to the space at the same time. Lighting is the highlight of this small house decoration design effect picture. Whether it is the crystal light on the ceiling, the black lampshade at the bedside, or the bedside table lamp emitting purple light, the modeling design is very beautiful, rendering the elegance of the space and creating a warm indoor sleeping atmosphere. The overall feeling is very comfortable





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