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During home decoration, we need to pay attention to the purchase of formal environmental friendly green paint, so as to ensure the environment in home decoration and the physical and mental health of family members. For latex paint, we must master the purchasing skills when purchasing, so as to avoid purchasing fraud and protect our legitimate rights and interests and family safety. Here are some tips for you

choose latex paint &mdash& mdash; Look at

the latex paint that is safe and environmentally friendly must be the product with the national environmental protection test report, so when purchasing, we must pay attention to whether the product has the national environmental protection test report. At the same time, Xiaobian reminded consumers that now the general brand latex paint has environmental protection test reports or test sheets. Therefore, when the merchants show the environmental protection test report, they must see the test results of the content of free formaldehyde and heavy metals in the test report. In the national environmental protection coating standard, the free formaldehyde per kilogram cannot exceed 0.1g

in addition, when observing latex paint, consumers must see whether the packaging of latex paint has a clear and formal brand mark, and whether the production date and shelf life date are indicated. Generally speaking, the shelf life of latex paint is 1-5 years, so when purchasing, they must pay attention to the products within the shelf life

choose latex paint &mdash& mdash; When choosing latex paint, you should pay attention to its safety and environmental protection performance, as well as the quality of latex paint. Generally speaking, it is unrealistic to open the box one by one when buying latex paint in the mall. At this time, we need to weigh the weight and quality of latex paint and listen to its volume. Qualified latex paint, a barrel of 5 liters is about 7 kg; A barrel of 18 liters is about 25 kg, so you need to pay attention to whether the weight is in place when weighing it. In addition, it is also necessary to lift the paint bucket. The shaking of regular brand latex paint generally cannot be heard. If it is easy to shake, it proves that the viscosity of latex paint is insufficient

choose latex paint &mdash& mdash; Hands on

when choosing latex paint, if you can open the can for inspection, you need to check the viscosity, smell, fluidity and adhesion of latex paint. Generally speaking, high-quality latex paint is sticky, milky white liquid, no hard block, uniform state after mixing, and no odor, otherwise it indicates that the latex paint has quality problems. In addition, you can stir the latex paint in the barrel evenly, and then touch it with a small amount of your fingers. If your hands are smooth and delicate, the latex paint has good fineness. After it is slightly dry, wash your fingers with water. If it is not easy to wash with water, the adhesion is good, otherwise the adhesion is poor





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