How to deal with wooden floor soiled by garbage st

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We all get stains on the floor carelessly in our daily life, so what should we do to remove the stains without damaging the floor? Shanmei introduces you a simple method that can skillfully remove stains on the floor

1. Glass fragments scattered on the floor are not only easy to scratch the floor, but also may cause damage to the owner of the house. For larger visible ones, they can be glued with adhesive tape; If it is a small powder, it should be soaked with cotton and sucked up

2. You can make your own floor cleaner at home, which is simple and convenient to use. The self-made floor cleaner needs to be pressed in a large pot and put soft soap, bleach and soda into it to fully mix

3. When cleaning the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor very bright. The dirt on the painted floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice

4. Store the remaining candle heads, chop them up, remove the candle wick, add the same amount of turpentine into the wax, put them in a pot with cold water, boil them with water, dissolve the candles, stir them and pour them into the pot for cooling

5. Oil stains are the most feared among floor stains. In fact, cleaning is also relatively simple. You can clean them with boiling concentrated alkali water solution, and then cover the stains with dough synthesized with bleached soil and hot water, and keep it for one night before cleaning. If necessary, you can repeat it

customers and friends, hurry back and clean your floor. I wish you a clean and warm home





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