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Sany crane has been the No. 1 crane in the Saudi market for three years. Introduction: in June, 2012, Al areedh, the largest hoisting and leasing company in Saudi Arabia, visited Sany again. Following the 260million yuan super order in 2011, Al areedh scored twice, signed another 200million yuan super order for cranes, and signed an agency agreement with Sany, becoming Sany's exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia

in june2012, Al areedh, the largest hoisting and leasing company in Saudi Arabia, visited Sany again. Following the major product utilization fields in 2011, including transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer goods market, Al areedh opened another super large crane order of more than 200million yuan, signed an agency agreement with Sany, and became Sany's exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia. As of June this year, Sany has sold more than 400 cranes with a total value of more than 800million yuan in the two and a half years since it entered Saudi Arabia, accounting for 39% of the Saudi market share, and has been the champion of Saudi crane sales for three consecutive years

in 2011, Saudi Arabia's infrastructure construction was booming. Due to the rapid expansion of business, Al areedh plans to purchase more than 100 new cranes. Once this big order is implemented, it is likely to become one of the largest single transactions of global cranes that year

at that time, Sany had just focused on the Saudi market, and there were only more than 20 units in the city. Its experimental speed was generally small, and its field ownership was small. Tangwenbin, general manager of the Saudi subsidiary, was an old marketing man with 8 years of international work experience. He cooperated closely with the domestic business department and began to pay a multi angle and all-round visit to the customers. After months of unremitting efforts, the customers finally agreed to visit Ningxiang. On the same day, accompanied by tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, and Qi Jian, general manager of the heavy lifting business unit, the customer was deeply shocked after visiting the high-tech digital production line with great momentum and advanced facilities. He gave a thumbs up and said that this was the first plant he had seen in the world. The all-round operator brought by the customer jumped onto a src550 rough terrain crane, tested various lifting performance extremely strictly, and finally said, "the equipment performance is very good, no problem."

as a result, Sany crane, the largest single export order in the history of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., with a value of 260million yuan, has come to fruition. Therefore, Sany crane has also played an important role in the construction of major projects in Saudi Arabia. However, one company has always refused to enter Sany products. It is the world's largest oil company - Aramco, which accounts for 90% of Saudi Arabia's GDP and recognizes all the cranes with first-class brands in Europe and America

time has verified the quality of Sany

al areedh undertakes all the key projects of the same kind, and often dozens or hundreds of cranes fight fiercely at the same construction site. Sany's specially designed and customized crane for Al areedh launched a large-scale attack, which is not inferior to the benchmark brand and has attracted the frequent attention of other customers. More than a year later, more and more middle eastern customers came to Sany Ningxiang Industrial Park to visit and dedicated their first Chinese order to Sany

this year, the opportunity has come. As Aramco has a cooperation project with Sinopec, tangwenbin and the senior management of the agent al areedh company visited Aramco many times and invited two of its senior executives to Sany for investigation. "These two executives are from Europe and America. Until they came to China, they thought that China was a very backward country. So when they saw the Sany plant, they were very surprised." Tangwenbin told me. The quality of Sany and the consistent reputation of Middle Eastern customers for Sany finally won the recognition of Aramco. The company agreed to introduce six cross-country cranes accompanied by Chinese personnel to Elbegdorj for construction in key projects under cooperation with Sinopec

10 p.m. on July 29, when the gap between the left and right of the connecting parts in the Saudi capital was greater than 0.5mm, the chairman's office of Al areedh company was ablaze with lights at this time. The chairman was discussing a big plan with his old friend tangwenbin, ignoring the hunger of water and rice during Ramadan. Arab News on the table reported: "the Saudi government has just announced that the world's largest public transport system under development has settled in Riyadh, with a total contract price of US $22.5 billion."

in this round of Middle East construction, Sany and the agent al areedh sympathize with each other and cooperate closely to jointly lift the Middle East dream

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