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Peixian County, Xuzhou: the three industrial chains link up the high-end aluminum processing industry

entering Huachang aluminum, Fengyuan aluminum, Huafeng aluminum and other enterprises, we can see a busy scene everywhere: in the workshop, workers are seriously operating machines; In front of the finished product warehouse, transport vehicles loaded with products are ready to go...

in recent years, Peixian county has continuously increased investment attraction in the aluminum processing industry, focusing on "building the chain", "supplementing the chain" and "strengthening the chain", extending the industrial chain, improving the added value of aluminum products, and further cultivating and strengthening the aluminum processing industry

the 3.5 million lightweight forged aluminum wheels project of Jiangsu peran Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan and 10 new production lines. In order to ensure product quality, the enterprise has introduced a large number of advanced equipment, such as automatic aluminum bar cutting line, 12000 ton oil press, continuous heat treatment furnace, etc. At present, the project is advancing rapidly. It is expected that after all the projects are put into operation, the annual sales revenue will be 3.5 billion yuan and the profit and tax will be about 700million yuan

it is reported that compared with the traditional steel wheels, the lightweight forged aluminum wheels produced by the project have the characteristics of small weight, strong load-bearing capacity and fast heat dissipation, which are in line with the development direction of lightweight automobile industry. Promoting the extension of aluminum profile to the transportation field also reflects the development idea of Peixian county to vigorously develop aluminum intensive processing and realize the transformation of product structure to high-end products

the construction of peran aluminum hub project is an epitome of Peixian county's continuous expansion of aluminum processing industry and extension of industrial chain. Now, through the promotion of large projects and the improvement of the industrial chain, Peixian county has formed three complete aluminum industrial chains: rolled products (aluminum ingots - Flat ingots - strip - aluminum foil), extruded products (aluminum ingots - aluminum rods - aluminum profiles) and forgings (aluminum ingots - aluminum rods - wheel hubs) and moved the spotlight down to the glass specimen. The aluminum processing industry is constantly moving towards the road of cluster, high-end and brand development

while accelerating the improvement of the industrial chain, Peixian county is also accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum processing industry

a frame of finished aluminum is automatically "sent" to the belt, and sent to different levels of storage locations according to the computer, and the random "successful shelf" information is displayed on the computer screen in real time... In the third phase of Huachang aluminum plant, with the use of the automated three-dimensional finished product warehouse, such scenes have been common. It is reported that the large stock of Zui in the warehouse has reached more than 6000 tons. Compared with the past, the warehousing efficiency has been improved by 200% and 28 workers have been saved

aluminum is the second most important metal in the world after steel, with great consumption potential. However, aluminum processing enterprises are also facing fierce market competition. In order to remain invincible in the market competition, the only way out is transformation and upgrading

through cooperation with Central South University, Jiangsu Fengyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. has broken through the key technologies of ultra-thin aluminum foil blank casting process and narrow range control of alloy composition, solution purification technology and grain control of cast rolling plate, and has successfully developed the ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil with international leading level, further improving the product grade. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, it only produced primary products in the aluminum processing industry chain, with low added value and far less economic benefits than now

Huachang aluminum not only automatically completed the experiment and built a new automated three-dimensional finished product warehouse, but also added 12 automatic plastic inspection well extrusion production lines and 2 fully enclosed vertical spraying production lines in the phase III project. The automation rate has been further improved, and the average energy consumption is more prominent in that the functionality, immunity and service life can not meet the requirements of clinical utilization

in the Fengyuan science and technology automobile profile production line, the automatic and high-precision manipulator replaces the manual operation, achieving a 40% efficiency improvement

industrial development drives the development of local economy. Focusing on the aluminum processing industry, Peixian county will focus on attracting large and strong enterprises and making them bigger and stronger. Through industrial transformation and upgrading, Peixian county will gather industry talents, introduce high and new technologies, strengthen research and development, continuously extend the industrial chain, build a green development system, and strive to promote the aluminum processing industry to a higher level

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