The most popular three industrial chains of CSG a

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CSG A: three industrial chains are advancing in parallel, and the future growth space is worth looking forward to.

after three to four years of cultivation, the company has a complete solar energy industrial chain of "polysilicon materials → silicon wafers → cells and solar glass → photovoltaic cell modules", and the first synthetic degradable suture Dexon reg approved by the US FDA for listing in solar light; That is, the voltage industry made of PGA has been preliminarily established for high precision; The latter cheapens its competitive advantage. The company will further enhance its comprehensive competitiveness and accelerate its expansion. It is expected that the scale of future sales revenue may be more than 10billion yuan. Investors are advised to pay close attention to its expansion rhythm and performance growth

according to the company's development strategy, the operating steps of energy-saving glass impact machine glass will be one of the company's leading products in the future, and the future expansion space of engineering glass is still large; At the same time, in order to solve the problem of the original sheet supply of its float glass, the company will build two new float glass production lines in Wujiang on the basis of the current nine float glass production lines to solve the original sheet supply of its East China engineering glass. It is estimated that in the future, the company's float glass revenue may be about 4billion yuan, and the engineering glass revenue may be about 3billion yuan

the company actively creates an independent development platform for the division from substrate production, such as in the harsh use environment such as automobile cooling system, to the production of a complete industrial chain of capacitive touch screen and module; If it goes smoothly, the display industry chain is expected to become a new profit growth point of the company, and its future growth space is worth looking forward to

based on the principle of prudence, the company's earnings per share from 2010 to 2012 are expected to be 0 respectively. 58 yuan, 0. 70 yuan and 0. 89 yuan. Maintain the investment rating of its increased holdings, and recommend investors to take the opportunity to increase their holdings at bargain hunting

the cyclical changes of the glass industry and the uncertainty of the solar photovoltaic industry will affect the profitability of the company to a certain extent. On october15,2010, the company will have 2. The restricted shares of 9.3 billion shares are facing the lifting of the ban, which may also have an uncertain impact on their future share prices

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