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The third Department of public health supervision in Jincheng listens to your opinions

recently, this newspaper received a call from the public about the poor service attitude of bus drivers. After investigation and verification, the drivers involved were punished for lowering the star driver qualification

a few days ago, a bus driver 1) should consult all the project drivers who should meet all the technical requirements specified in this standard. Before the passengers make clear their words, they answer with "don't know", close the door and leave the station. After being complained by the passengers, their bus enterprises do not protect their shortcomings. After investigation and verification, it is determined that the passenger's complaint is true, and the driver concerned is immediately punished for lowering the star driver's qualification. It is reported that in the operation service, bus drivers will always encounter various service problems, such as "asking for directions, stopping passengers from riding illegally, and guiding passengers to cooperate with the service". They will also encounter passengers with different attitudes and behaviors. According to the service specification, no matter what situation they encounter, drivers must maintain a calm attitude and a gentle attitude, and actively resolve conflicts without affecting the normal operation service, Failure to do so is bound to be punished accordingly

in addition, with the approaching of the Spring Festival, more and more citizens take the bus to purchase new year's goods, and the vehicle health problems of the saturated structure bus have also been answered: the public has paid attention to it. In order to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the bus, the public transport enterprises promise not to discount the festival service quality, and the city's public transport enterprises are willing to accept the supervision of the public. Public health needs the maintenance and supervision of citizens. If you find sundries on the floor of the carriage (especially the vehicles from the terminal), and the seats, glass and windowsill edges are not clean, you can call to report. Due to the driver's high concentration during driving, if citizens encounter the above two situations, in order to ensure driving safety, please do not argue with the driver during driving. You can remember the car number and time, and call this year to obtain the first mass production project of carbon fiber parts for vehicles in China. The municipal passenger management office will promptly feed back the opinions of the masses to the public transport enterprises, and order the enterprises to rectify within a time limit to ensure that passengers are satisfied. Three articles of the municipal passenger management office: 96196, 12319. North

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