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Three elements support packaging and printing enterprises to save proofing costs

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core tip: proofing customers is an issue in the manufacturing industry, because customers only have to confirm that the samples are qualified, Will place an order to produce large goods, so proofing has also become an important expenditure for packaging and printing companies. How can such costs be reduced

[China Packaging News] proofing for customers is a common issue in the manufacturing industry. Only after customers confirm that the samples are qualified can they place orders to produce large goods. Therefore, proofing has also become an important expenditure of packaging and printing companies. How can such costs be reduced

element 1: production efficiency

as the name suggests, is the benefit ratio produced per unit time. In terms of proofing speed, the time required for digital single sheet printing is basically 50% of that for traditional proofing, and the result is more obvious. If the time required for making up, printing and developing is ignored, the single proofing action of single traditional proofing takes an average of 30-40 minutes for single sheet printing. At present, the single sheet printing speed of the large format precision printer in the market can be controlled within 20 minutes

element 2: use cost

the first is to use the structural characteristics of the machine to purchase cost-effective equipment. To purchase a set of traditional proofing equipment, in addition to providing matching plate printing and printing equipment, skilled workers and large-scale workshops are also essential. At present, the market has a set of high-end inkjet digital proofing equipment, equipped with professional color management software. The placement cost ranges from 20000 to 70000 yuan according to the required size

secondly, the final purpose of proofing is to add a printing process to obtain a final satisfactory printing effect. Compared with traditional proofing and digital proofing, the latter shows its unique technical advantages. The traditional proofing process is complicated. To be consistent with the formal printing process, you must first output the film, and then output the proofing machine after the PA version is dried. Once the obtained proofs do not meet the customer's needs, you need to start over again, often resulting in a waste of more consumables

element 3: quality comparison

the traditional proofing operation is semi manual. The control of ink volume and color control of output samples largely depend on the level and experience of proofers. Therefore, the effect of the traditional proofing machine is very unstable. According to insiders, when traditional proofing was used in the past, the same set of films were taken out for proofing, and the results were usually different. Digital printing is more stable than traditional proofing because it automatically explores a new path from "red ocean" to "blue ocean". Of course, it is necessary to eliminate some uncertain factors, such as whether the print head is stable, whether it needs to be replaced by frequent forging, or the printer plug caused by the use of non original ink

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