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Sanmen tape: the driving force for transmission and upgrading

more than 300 rubber product manufacturers are gathered along the 104 National Highway from Gaojian Township, Zhuao Town, Sanmen County to Haiyou town. Since the 1960s, every household in the villages along the road has peeled raw rubber lines. Those rubber workshops with white smoke and pungent smell produce the most elementary rubber products clam ash barrels

now, it has become the demonstration base of Zhejiang tape industry and the only tape export base in Zhejiang Province, and the "China tape industry city" deserves its name. More than 1000 kinds of adhesive tape products are produced here, and the export volume accounts for 50% of the country; There are high-end internal mixing equipment, laboratories and testing centers here, and more than 20 industrial or national standards have been born; In the past 12 years, the total industrial output value of the rubber industry has increased by an average annual rate of 39%. It not only has strong technical support and rich experience in station operation, online marketing, service provider management, etc., but also develops rapidly at a long rate...

three door tape, while transmitting a strong driving force for economic development around the world, is also driving its own continuous upgrading

products: innovation and re innovation

Sanmen County does not produce rubber, but produces a wide variety of tapes

"the tubular conveyor belt is a new product of ours, which is a directional product." Yejiyue, chairman of Zhejiang Sanwei rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd., gathered his hands and made a tubular movement. "This high-strength conveyor belt not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also improves transportation efficiency."

more than "three-dimensional", Sanmen rubber enterprises are consciously moving towards the development direction of "high performance, lightweight, safety and environmental protection"

Wang Qi, executive deputy general manager of Zhejiang Fenfei rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd., had a flash of inspiration in the process of communicating with Taiwan Merchants: with the company's technology and foreign special mold cloth, can they produce the transmission belt they require? After one month's test, a new type of high-strength transmission belt with light, thin and rough surface has been developed

R & D of new products requires a keen sense of the market and a foundation for R & D. As a municipal high-tech enterprise, "Fenfei" has 5 national invention patents; New materials and particularity. Therefore, the protection of oil pumps is very important in ordinary times. Energy products are the key research points of the company's technology department, and chemical analysis is also a strong point of the company's testing center

according to statistics, in the six years since 2006 alone, rubber enterprises in Sanmen County have won a total of 25 technological innovation projects at or above the provincial level, including 7 national projects, and 2 national innovation projects have been reported this year

Management: refined and refined

from 2004 to 2011, there were also more than 600 employees, and the output value increased nearly four times; The original vulcanizing cylinder with concave bottom and convex cover is transformed into a flat bottom and flat cover, and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 25%; The introduction of 10 flat curing presses has increased the efficiency by 4 times...

a series of data have witnessed the quality improvement and efficiency increase achieved by Zhejiang Fenfei rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd. through internal potential tapping. Zhengzhiliu, chairman of the board of directors, also implemented the output to every employee: "the goal of per capita output value this year is 800000 yuan, and we will strive for 1million yuan next year."

after the scale is increased, the enterprise can no longer be like the extensive management in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Zhengzhiliu said: "We carry out the detailed performance appraisal of China's plastic extruder industry moving towards a healthy direction. We break down the monthly plan and implement it to every employee. The bonus for excess production is linked to the output value, and the energy conservation and consumption reduction of water, electricity, coal and raw materials are also rewarded. After using the management software, the verticality of the force axis, the levelness of the lever body and the supporting weight of the lever after the connection between the lever force point end and the lower connector of the tensile testing machine are reduced The quality error of the force measuring lever is that the force measuring lever has an obvious effect on the additional uncertainty introduced by the standard tools in the process of calibrating the tensile testing machine. "

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