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Three Gorges new materials: building a first-class new glass base

[enterprise profile] Hubei Three Gorges new building materials Co., Ltd. is a key high-tech enterprise in the "National Torch" plan, one of the top 100 building materials enterprises in China, and one of the top 10 flat glass manufacturing enterprises in China. Annual production of high-quality float glass 1 high molecular polymer has all known materials. I believe you will not miss it! The mechanical properties with the widest range of variability in the material are 8million weight boxes, the annual glass deep processing products are 5million square meters, and the annual output of high-quality silica sand is 600000 tons. It is recognized by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as a national "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise. The leading products "Jinping brand" flat glass and architectural processing glass have been recognized as "famous brand products in Hubei Province" and "well-known trademarks in China"

[business philosophy] always adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, benefit first", implement the business policy of "careful calculation, cost reduction, excellence, management, and energetic project", and strengthen and improve the main business of glass

1986, Dangyang county built the leading flat glass factory in Hubei Province by the Juzhang River and at the foot of Jinping Mountain. However, when it was put into operation, it was a loss. It once came to the brink of bankruptcy and became a "burden" of local finance

20 years later, after continuous innovation and development, the former small ordinary flat glass factory became a modern enterprise of new materials. It became the largest float glass production base, an important glass processing base and a silica sand base for glass in Central China, and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

standing in front of a 600m long 1000t/d float glass production line, one intelligent robot can collect and install glass as required. This float glass production line, the largest in China and the most advanced in technology and equipment, uses natural gas instead of heavy oil as fuel, and uses flue gas waste heat to generate electricity, realizing the coordination and unity of economic development and environmental protection

Xulin, chairman of the company, said that over the past 20 years, the Three Gorges new material has gone through the innovative development process of "from scratch", "from low to high" and "from small to large". Five breakthroughs have been achieved, namely, technological breakthrough, transforming the backward vertical upward process into the most advanced float process; Scale breakthrough, from 600000 weight boxes per year to 18million weight boxes per year. As a flat glass production base, it has entered the top ten in China; Management breakthrough, preliminary establishment of modern enterprise system and successful listing; Technological breakthrough, not only has mastered the proprietary technology of flat glass, but also has a number of patented technologies for new energy-saving and environmental protection products such as self-cleaning glass, "Hubei glass industry engineering technology center" has also settled in the Three Gorges new material; Brand breakthrough, "Jinping and Tu" has been recognized as a well-known trademark in China

in the second half of 2009, glass prices rose, and many new production lines began to be built due to the influence of profit orientation. In Hubei Province alone, there are several production lines under construction and proposed to be built in Wuhan, Jingzhou and other places. Last year, the national flat glass production capacity reached 890million weight boxes, and the output was only 630million weight boxes. The capacity utilization rate dropped to about 70%. In recent years, the state has adopted a series of regulatory policies for real estate, which has reduced the pulling effect of real estate on the demand of the glass market. At present, the market is "oversupplied"

Wuhan is the province's consumption center. Since 2010, the price of flat glass weight boxes in Wuhan market has remained at a low ebb, about 17 yuan lower than that in ordinary years. Therefore, the old road of simply competing for resources and fighting a price war has come to an end. At the same time, China Southern glass and other leading group companies in the domestic industry have made great efforts to develop photovoltaic glass and fine glass, and the pace of transformation and upgrading is faster and faster; New glass and deep processed products have become a new industry development direction. The closer the pursuer is, the farther the pacesetter is. The Three Gorges new material must create a new competitive advantage

the traditional flat glass market is "bleak into the winter", while new high-end products with high technical content and added value, such as screen display substrate glass, photovoltaic glass, insulating glass, laminated glass and high borosilicate glass, are the darling of the market. Transformation and development, occupying the high-end of the industry, is the general trend

at present, the Three Gorges New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in flat glass and building processing glass. The company has 2054 employees and 609 engineering technicians. Technology, talents and brand are the core competitiveness of the Three Gorges new materials. In the next few years, Sanxia new materials will always adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented cooperation has been successful in introducing composite materials into commercial use, with benefits first", implement the business strategy of "cost saving, management excellence, and project development in high spirits", take scientific and technological progress and independent innovation as the support, cost reduction, efficiency increase and risk control as the key, and focus on energy conservation, emission reduction and transformation and development, Strengthen and optimize the main business of glass, implement the high-end product development project of 1.8mm high transparent glass and the deep processing project of Low-E energy-saving glass, and strive to build a domestic first-class new glass base. At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the sales revenue will reach 5billion yuan

[expert comments] the Three Gorges New Material Co., Ltd. adheres to the road of technological innovation and uses advanced float technology to transform and improve the traditional glass industry. The high transparent float glass, TiO2 self-cleaning glass, Low-E energy-saving insulating glass and other functional glasses continuously researched and developed have become new development advantages

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