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The largest single-phase nuclear power transformer of Shenyang substation passed the test

in December 2009, TBEA Shenyang Substation Company and China Guangdong Nuclear Engineering Corporation (cn-pec) signed a supply contract for the main transformer of Guangdong Taishan nuclear power station, China, with a total of 7 transformers for two units. Taishan nuclear power plant project adopts the world's most advanced third-generation nuclear power technology - French epr1000 technology. With the increasing maturity of French epr1000 technology, technology has been gradually applied to new projects of nuclear power plants. At present, only a few nuclear power plants under construction in China, France and Finland have adopted French epr1000 technology. Since the single-phase power generation of this technology reaches 1.75 million KW, which is significantly higher than that of the second generation nuclear power technology of 1 million KW, the capacity of the supporting single-phase generator transformer is also increased from the original 420mva to 700mva for the first time

recently, under the joint witness of experts such as China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation and Wuhan Institute of technology and technology, the 700mva/500kV generator transformer booster for the world's largest single-phase nuclear power unit with a capacity of one million kilowatts developed by TBEA Shenyang Substation Company for Guangdong Taishan nuclear power station passed the first test, and all performance parameters are far better than the requirements of the technical agreement and IEC standards

insiders believe that the product 2. Through independent research and development and technological innovation, the successful research and development has further consolidated the company's world leading position in the design and manufacturing of nuclear power station transformers, provided strong support for further exploring the international and domestic nuclear power market, and greatly promoted the localization process of China's major equipment manufacturing industry and the development of China's nuclear power industry

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