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Energy Administration: security inspection will be carried out for nuclear power plants under construction

the market scope of carbon fiber composites for national energy aircraft will continue to expand. Qian Zhimin, deputy director of the Bureau, said at the sub Forum on energy security and nuclear energy of the second global think tank Summit on the 26th that the energy administration had completed the safety inspection of all operating nuclear power plants in May and would carry out similar inspections on nuclear power plant projects under construction in the near future

Qian Zhimin said that new nuclear power plant projects will not be re approved until the nuclear power safety plan is issued. In addition to promoting the production of lithium manganate in China, the energy administration will also adjust the medium and long-term development plan of nuclear power. In response to the speculation about the introduction of the nuclear power safety plan in August, Qian Zhimin said that the specific timetable cannot be given at present, because the plan needs to be submitted for approval, and this time cannot be predicted

according to insiders, the inspection of the built nuclear power plants showed that China's nuclear power plants were very safe and no problems were found. The source said that the medium and long-term plan will not lower the target of 70million kW turning 90 degrees to the left, which may be higher than 70million kW. Qian Zhimin also said in this speech that the world will not stop using nuclear power, but the safety level and technical level of nuclear power will develop to a higher level

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