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Both the number of buyers and the number of participants and the turnover of the Canton Fair fell by more than 10% compared with the previous Canton Fair. The foreign trade situation is not optimistic. Many enterprises said in an interview that there is great business pressure

according to the official statistics of the Canton Fair, as of November 3, 188145 overseas buyers attended the 112th Canton Fair, a decrease of 10.26% over the same period of the first session of the 11th Canton Fair, which has been attended for several consecutive years. It is worth mentioning that Liu Jianjun, a spokesman for the Canton Fair, said that the number of old buyers attending the fair reached 137936, accounting for 73.31% of the total, an increase of 8.31 percentage points over the previous session, a new high since the Canton Fair was held in three phases

turnover decreased significantly. As of November 3, the export volume of the 112th Canton Fair reached 32.68 billion US dollars, down 9.3% from the previous session. Moreover, the number of medium and short-term orders has increased. From the current order situation, the proportion of medium and short-term orders within 6 months has reached 86.6%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points within the warranty period

Liu Jian's main engine unit includes: rongjianjun said that affected by the European debt crisis, the sluggish economic recovery in the United States and China Japan relations, transactions with the European Union, the United States and Japan decreased by 10.5%, 9.4% and 36.6% respectively. Transactions in emerging markets fell slightly, with a decline of 7.9%, 5.7% and 03% respectively for ASEAN, the Middle East and the BRICs There is an open circuit in the electromechanical winding resistance 7%, lower than the decline in total transactions. Chongqing Gree air conditioner

from the perspective of the industry, transactions in industries with rigid needs such as daily necessities have increased. Transactions of daily necessities such as food and medicine increased by 14.5% and 26.9% respectively. Transactions in mechanical and electrical goods, textiles and clothing decreased by 11.6% and 15.5%. Industries with obvious demand elasticity saw a sharp decline, such as leather bags and wooden toys, whose turnover fell by 37.7% and 48.7% respectively

however, in the depressed market, some enterprises still achieved contrarian growth by relying on innovation and brand influence. Liu Jianjun said that the transaction volume of this brand exhibition area was $12.58 billion, although it decreased by 5.4% year-on-year, but it was only 3.9 percentage points lower than the total transaction decline. From the perspective of industry comparison, the average number of orders received by each brand enterprise is 3 times that of non brand enterprises, and the average transaction volume is 6.2 times that of non brand enterprises. The transactions of enterprises with many innovative products and strong design and R & D capabilities are significantly better than those of other enterprises. (. East. Fang. Zao. Bao)

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