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The number of brand-new commercial printing presses in the mainland market of China has reached 119

according to the survey report on commercial rotation in China made by keyin media "manager printing", in 2012, four brand-new commercial rotary offset printing presses were settled in the mainland, distributed in Beijing and Shanghai. Four Taiwan merchant ships have settled in three enterprises, one of which is Xinjin merchant ship

so far, the number of new merchant ships in the mainland market has reached 119, an increase of 3.5% over the previous year. 119 business wheels were settled in 61 printing enterprises, with an average of 1.95 new business wheels each, up from 1.92 last year. Among them, Nearly 5 "0% of enterprises in the automotive industry have two or more new business wheels.

like the nine surveys that have been conducted, the scope of this survey is new business wheels in mainland China, in which the new business wheels are accurately described as thermosetting color rotary offset printing machines with a width of open and above, excluding semi business wheels, narrow width business wheels and second-hand business wheels.

looking back at the data of the past decade, the absolute value of business wheel installation over the years has declined in the band Situation 3. Force and deformation testing instruments (force sensors, force measuring instruments, displacement sensors, extensometers, accelerometers, etc.);, The year 2012 with four new merchant ships is obviously a year of low growth, and the installed capacity is only slightly higher than the lowest point of three in 2005. The trend of the number of installed enterprises over the past ten years is the same as that of the number of machines that can be reanalyzed on the curve

in the interview, industry experts and the person in charge of shanglun enterprise unanimously agreed that the overall situation of shanglun market has been determined, and it will no longer show explosive growth and a long-term shrinking trend. At the same time, we feel more than ever the expectation and thinking of enterprises to improve competitiveness and find a new way out

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